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Hello, hello, hello from sunny South Florida. My week in the sunshine state has been nothing short of magical. It hasn’t been full of much activity but it has been full of lots of to be memories. I could ramble on about lots and lots but I’ll save you from eye strains and headaches and ramble about only one… one I think you all will appreciate.

My dad (I call him Brain and he calls me Pinki) went shopping yesterday (Thursday). I bought a maxi dress, a tea dress, and an awesome one piece bathing suit that is so retro, sexy, and cool and he bought a polka dot shirt. On the way out, we decided to buy my step sister, Kirsten (she’s delightful), a cute something to wear. Brain and I had a hard time choosing an outfit because she’s at that awkward stage where she’s getting her feet wet in style and fashion. She still wears mostly t-shirts with gym shorts but more and more often, she’s attempting to put outfits together. It’s very fun to watch and it reminds me of my younger self (and many fashion faux paus). Do you remember that stage? It was such a weird stage that only gets laughs when old photos are reminisced on. We steered away from harem pants and shoulder pads, which we all were victims of, and chose a bandeau top be layered underneath an oversized swit top. Super cute.

Above and below are more pictures of my adventures. Boats, palm trees, tuna fish, Jake (I miss him dearly)… it’s all here at home.



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    Qui Pardue

    looks like a fabulous week Maddie!Β  That’s so cool that your dad shops with you, how sweet!Β  Whenever my dad went shopping with me, he sat on a bench and waited πŸ˜‰ unless we were shopping for cowboy boots (he’s a cowboy).Β  Is Jake your dog? Β  He looks so sweet πŸ™‚Β  Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

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      I too consider myself a lucky daughter to be able to shop with me dad. A lot of my fashion sense comes from him. Common, what other man would wear a polka dot shirt and look good!

      Jake is my dog. He is the chillest dog in the world and has a keen sense of when I’m in a good mood and when I’m not

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    love having you back home Maddie!!Β 

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      It’s great to be home!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    Wish I was there! It looks beautiful!

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    Yes, I remember that stage with a laughter! And it wasn’t only catastrophes in fashion but also in make-up πŸ˜€Β 

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      Everything was a catastrophe at that age – hair, make-up, clothing, etc…

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    Oh!Β  I’m so glad you’re having such a nice trip!Β  πŸ™‚Β  Sounds like you picked out the perfect gift for your stepsister!

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    oh gosh, that has got to be the cutest! i love that you and your dad call each other after that cartoon show pinky and the brain. now i have the theme song stuck in my head. hilarious!
    i have got to get my booty to florida! it looks so perfect!
    xo TJ

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      My dad and I are a unique breed. We haven’t conquered the world yet but we try each and every day!

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    Rachel W

    Pinki, you’re a doll! πŸ™‚ It looks like you had a fun weekend!! I would love to be at the beach right about now.

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