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Well, I returned from Florida on Monday sans tan lines, a hangover, or any juicy stories. My trip home was by no means similar to Animal House, PCU, or Hangover (the original or sequel) but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t spectacular. I spent the four days lollygagging and taking it easy. I watched the sun creep up early every morning while working out. I shopped with dad and saw the makings of his new restaurant, which I believe will be his finest work to date (I call it his masterpiece, his Mona Lisa). It was totally legit. I attended a friend’s wedding where I was not wearing the best outfit, she was, and I am perfectly happy with that. I celebrated Father’s Day with dinner where the appetizer, main course, and dessert were served with a side of laughs.

Out of all the non events during my trip, there was one moment that had me laughing extra loud. It involved my brother, G (I call him G and he calls me Mad), and it happened Sunday right before dinner. I asked him what his gift to my dad was. His response? “I didn’t get him anything. I figured I would wash his car.” Oh G, have I taught you nothing about gift giving? I can’t wait until you get a girlfriend. Will you wash her hair for Christmas?

This weekend, I’ll be hunkering down on my summer projects and watching a couple of great oldies but goodies I stole from my dad (Stand by Me. Basic Instinct, etc.). Thanks dad. What will you be up to?


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    It sounds like you had a lovely low key time. I really think that sometimes those are the absolute best kind of vacations. Lovely photos as always. And that shot of that food is making me pretty hungry I must admit 🙂

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    What a great trip!  Your family members are all so good-looking!

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      I’m the most good looking of course 🙂

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    Lovely photos! It’s such a different life down there. Of course, I do live by a lot of lakes (though no ocean), and Lake Erie is one of them, but I guess my family has always just been more into baseball and campfires than boating and lobster. 🙂

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      you’re right – South Florida is a unique microcosm but it is a microcosm I like! I don’t know how I would fair camping or playing baseball. If it doesn’t have an outfit for my hairdryer, then I ain’t going! 🙂

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    Rachel W

    Oh I’m so jealous of your weekend. It seriously does look relaxing — I’m glad it wasn’t like the movie Hangover 1 or 2. Lovely photos!

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      No, no tequila or retards for this little one!

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    Love, Carrie

    Great photos……sounds like a wonderful time! And your weekend sounds absolutely perfect to me.

    On Saturday some of my family is coming to visit and we are going to see the new movie “Brave”…..I’m so excited I get to see it with my little brother and sister! Keeping my fingers crossed I can talk my little sis into sleeping over 😉

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      If you can’t get your sister to sleep over, then I suggest bribing her. I do it to my siblings all the time! 🙂

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    awww… looks wonderful Maddie.  Beautiful photos and stories.  I feel a little more relaxed just  reading about your time off 😉

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    Meg the Grand

    what a fabulously relaxing trip!  And your pictures are just so candid and lovely 🙂

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    Love, love, love these photos. So beautiful 🙂

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    aw! looks like such a wonderful time with the family. so much better than hangovers…

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    Chrystina Noel

    You captured some awesome moments there!!

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