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was much better than last week. No flat tires, no cracked rims, no broken propeller shafts, and no broken nails! Life is grand and merry (I had to say that word, Christmas is around the corner). I was (and still am) in New York City covering an event for work. While in the city, I’m meeting up with some blogger friends – Oona, Christine, and Nette – to do some serious fabric shopping (update: a huge hug goes out to the Oona, Christine, and Nette. I was very nervous to meet you but was surprised how smoothly I fit in. I hope the same can be said for you). I’ll make this weeks recap short because next week’s will be loaded with pictures, finds (fabrics, elastics, and trims!), and other blurbs and tidbits.

So, as I always close out Friday… what are you up to this weekend?

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