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was messed up. The holiday falling on a Wednesday really messed up my schedule (I’m a girl of many schedules). The day off felt like Sunday and I kept wanting to do laundry. “Maddie, it’s Wednesday, not Sunday… there’s no laundry to be done!” I kept repeating (I usually start laundry on Friday and finish on Sunday. I’m that bad). The holiday also messed up my dressing schedule (yep, I have one of those too). How do I wear red, white, and blue without looking dopey or tacky? Decked out all-American and I look like I’m going to Bass Pro Shop, a place where my ruffly outfit and I would surely stick out. Just a hint of red, white, or blue (i.e. shoes or a headband) and I look like a pathetic American. But one lady did a stellar job at supporting our country via her wardrobe – Mrs. Obama. Although her style is not similar to mine, it is always put together. Most importantly, and this is why I like her outfit choices so much, Mrs. Obama’s style highlights her body and suits her everyday role. So on America’s birthday, the first lady wore cropped white gaucho pants with a red and navy blue knit tank. Theoretically, this look is all-American and sailor-ish but aesthetically, it works. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but it does. As Ms. Draper would say, “If it looks right, then it is right.”

But Wednesday was two days ago and we’re onto the weekend (wahoo!). To beat the dreadful heat (100 degrees on Saturday), I’m going to spending Saturday movie hopping, starting with Moonrise Kingdom and probably ending with Spider Man 3. For the remainder of the weekend, I’ll continue sewing muslins for my project (last musling before the final sew up. Exciting) and putting finishing touches on a postsabout balancing armholes and a post that will begin a special feature/series about European style. It’s a really cool series, unlike any I have read, and I’m super excited to introduce you to a very cool girl.

So I’ll leave you with 5 snippets of my life this week and ask the question, “What are you up to this weekend?”


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    The Wednesday holiday really threw me off, too!  I opted to be a square all day, so I stayed home and sewed!  We didn’t do fireworks as the dogs get really scared, so we opened up some fancy champagne and watched “The Dark Knight”!  Not a very traditional 4th of July!  🙂

    Movie hopping is a great idea for tomorrow!  I have to take Peggy to the vet, then drive to Jersey (ick) for a surprise birthday party… not looking forward to doing anything at all tomorrow!

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      Jersey is ick! I couldn’t agree more.

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     Oh, and I’m excited for your upcoming blog posts!

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    Your upcoming blogposts sound great! I can’t wait. Also – oh how I miss the Amish/Menonite farmers markets!! 
    I also spent my Wednesday off sewing (and totally losing my cool at an invisible zipper – its still in time out!) not very patriotic – but I did wear red! I’m hopefully going to spend my weekend as low key as possible. Maybe a beach visit. Hopefully some sewing.

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      Gosh I love how you put your invinsible zipper in time out! Classic!

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    your pics are delicious!

    i’m sewing. sewingsewingsewingsewing.

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      Yes! Sewing. I like!

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    Heather Valentine

    Mid week holidays are tough! They always leaving you wanting more.  I am hoping to beat the heat this weekend stitching in the ac! Fingers crossed, I make something fun!

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      Oh do stay in front of that AC. Today is going to be the worst!

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    I was thrown off  by the fourth too and kept thinking that Thursday was Monday. I look forward to your new series. I also wonder, don’t you think those guys at the farmer’s market have some charm?  I love hearing about the crush my 16 year old niece has on a local boy she calls Amish Steve ; )

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      Charming? I could see how you could think. Yes, yes. It’s just not my style. I’m a little preppier in my choice of males. 

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    Cidell M.

    Is that a Kate Spade dress I spy?

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      Are you talking about the orange and blue striped number above? Isn’t it awesome? No, it’s not Kate Spade; it’s even better – Anthropologie! 

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    Those dresses are so pretty. The striped one is so gorgeous and perfect for summer. 
    I’ve been very busy these past few days sewing up a muslin for a dress pattern I drafted earlier this week. This morning was exciting because I went to pick out the fabric and got a gorgeous navy blue gauze. I can’t wait to start the final sew up. 

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    This is the first chance I’ve gotten to really look at your blog since you redesigned it. I like it!

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    Last week was just a big jumbled mess me for me too having Wednesday off. : /

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    Alexandra Safran

    your blog is really beautiful!

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