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everything was new. New job (same company, different department), new coworkers (they’re super friendly), new desk (awesome view), new daily tasks (doing what I love to do), new all sorts of things. It’s exciting, it’s fresh, and it’s the variety I needed in life to spice things up.

But the first week in my new job is over and I’m onto the weekend. On the agenda for me is another vacay! Yep, I’m off to a very distant place and will spill all the details, photos, and of course, outfits next week. My trip is coming at just the right timetoo (things just work out like that, right?). As I know you read in my post from yesterday, I stupidly cut the fashion fabric for my project before doing my homework on the fabric. Turns out tweed requires a lot of tender loving care (can I get a hands-up-in-the-air for some old school TLC “Waterfalls”!). See, even a sewing and pattern making maven like me makes mistakes. We’re all human, no biggie, it’s a learning experience. After reading your suggestions (thank you so much for your comments) and consulting a couple of textbooks, I’m going to sit on what I should do for the next couple of days. I’m sure that my time away from sewing and pattern making will answer my question.

You may be thinking, “Maddie, just sew the damn thing already!” but I don’t mind the extra time this project might take. One thing I have learned is quality and not quantity. I’d rather take three months to complete a project impeccably than rush through it in a month. I love the process of pattern making and sewing – drafting patterns, making muslins, hitting obstacles and then researching and learning how to overcome those obstacles and prevent them in the future. Also, I don’t treat or think of my handmade garments as I do my store bought items. Thirty years from now, I want to pull out one of my handmade garments from my closet and say “wow, you rocked!” Lastly, I want my handmade garments to be a testament as to how garments used to be sewn and how garments should be sewn today. Capiche?


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    Nice to know you had a good first week. I completely agree with you when you talk about quality over quantity. I want everything I make to last as long as possible, fit me as good as possible and stand the test of time. Besides, I love sewing and pattern drafting so much that I don’t mind 
    that extra time at all. Mistakes happen and it’s ok because that is how we all learn, right? 
    I’ve been working on the same dress for a few weeks now which some might say is a really long time but it was all worth it after the satisfaction and happiness I felt on my final fitting when it not only looked good and felt soft (thanks to the underlining that I spent some extra time on) but also fitted great.

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      I’m glad you took your time on your dress. I think I am going to do the same with my top and short (I am also making a bra and panty right now too). I’m going to take away the pressure of finishing soon and just enjoy the process of making. This is my favorite project to date and I know that if I put it the time, it will stand the the test of time.

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    Sky Turtle

    I totally agree with a lot of things you’re saying here. The quality, the time, reading the textbooks and learning new things – that’s part of the fun in sewing your own clothes. 

    Congrats for the new job and hope your holiday will be awesome!

    Can’t believe you mentioned Waterfalls :))

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      I was jammin to “Waterfalls” yesterday. Head bopping and all!

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    Sewing Princess

    Congratulations on the new job! sounds exciting and so does your upcoming vacation

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    Have a fun trip!  I’m glad the new job is off to such a great start!

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    Have a great week and a fun trip! And keep going with the slowness. Its worth it.

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      Thank you. I take forever, I know, but because of it, I build up anticipation for a big reveal 🙂

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    Glad you’re enjoying your new job, Maddie! Enjoy your weekend.

    I just want to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. Not entirely certain how I found it–I think it began with SandyS on a Disney site and I linked to several sewing blogs from there. Your blog is one I check regularly!  🙂

    It’s so nice to see another generation interested in creating in  general, and sewing in particular. Most of my friend’s children (now adults) never learned to do practical and creative things as children–everything was very structured with little time for creativity or the mundane things in life, such as basic handyman (woman?) skills.

    While I’ve been designing and sewing most of my life, I’m learning a lot from your tutorials and comments. Keep up the good work!

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      Thank you lady! Like I said in my email, your comment made my day. My heart is in sewing, pattern making, and sharing it with all of you through my blog. It makes me shine inside when I read your words. Have a lovely Friday and weekend as well!

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    I agree, quality not quantity all the way! 🙂  Have a great weekend 🙂

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    Good to hear you had a great week at your new job. I definitely resonate with your thoughts on taking time. I like doing a lot of background work before I ever cut–it makes me so so much happier with the results. And I learn more!

    Hope you came up with some good ideas for the tweed. Is there any way it could feed through a serger? Or possible to bind the edges with something lightweight, like a chiffon or perhaps tricot bias binding? Do tell how it all works out. I have some gorgeous silk tweed I bought a couple of years ago and I KNOW it’s going to unravel like crazy as soon as I cut it.

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    Capiche! Congrats on the new position within your company, how exciting! Glad it’s going smooth! A vacation? You deserve it lady, hope it’s fabulous!

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    Chrystina Noel

    My favorite parts of this post – bread labeled as carbohydrates, the shoutout to TLC , the fact that your new coworkers are extra nice, and the fact that you can see a tree out your window (only in major cities can yous ay this lol).  Hope you’re enjoying vacation!

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