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So this week was full of hand stitching. Monday night… hand stitching. Tuesday night… hand stitching. Wednesday night… hand stitching. Do I need to tell you what Thursday night entailed?

When I first learned that in order to “properly” complete my project, I would have to interface and interline (first by hand using pad stitching and then by machine), the thought daunted me. “There’s no way in hell I’m going to finish this before Christmas,” I thought.

To my surprise though, I’m finishing faster than I thought and am happy to tell you that the interfacing and interlining portions of construction are finished (well almost). It was also surprising how much I didn’t hate this phase of the project. As I watched “Let’s Make Love” and “Stuart Little” last weekend (odd combination of movies, I know), I stitched over and over and over again and it was actually rather cathartic. I joined Sarai of Collete Patterns to make and accomplish one sewing goal a month and this was my first – to “do it right” and to not take the shortcut at any point during a project. Sarai, I’m happy to report I’m on track for this month.

Next up is to machine sew the interlining and then construct the final garment. Machine sewing the interlining requires a couple of hours of solid sewing – it’s not something that can be sewn here and there – so I’m saving that until Sunday (I’ll also be hemming two pairs of my dad’s pants – thanks dad!). Until then, I’ll finish my first high waisted panty (I hate that word) using Ohhh Lulu’s pattern. Just as Gertie said yesterday on her blog, sewing lingerie is the perfect in between project.

When I finish those 3 projects (can you believe I completed 3 projects at once), I’m hoping that my dearest friends ValerieBrandy, and I will have another grand photo shoot over Labor Day weekend, one that is even better than our last photoshoot!  I’m thinking confetti, cupcakes, vintage suitcases, a lot of other super cool props.

As I always ask, what are you up to this weekend?



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    Ooh, exciting! I can’t wait to see your project when it’s finished. And those high waisted knickers too! Ha, in my head, I’m a much better sewer than I am. I am always super excited when I start a project, but it tails off when I realise my skills aren’t matching up to my ambition!!

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    I hate the word panties as well. Luckily we don’t use it in Australia. Try “undies” or “knickers” instead. Extra points if you can do it with a good Aussie accent.

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    I’d rather call them anything but panties. Too funny!  Can’t wait to see your project!  Hopefully this weekend I’m finishing up my Sassy Librarian Blouse by Christine then starting on the Macaron.

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      Well, then… we’ll both be sewing!

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    You definitely have been a busy girl this past week, but it’s great you got your mind to it and accomplished more than what you expected. I’m looking forward to seeing how your project progresses and see the final look! I’m off to Lake George to help my beat friend with some wedding plans. Have a great weekend!

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    when you do a wrap up, i always imagine bon bons and macaroons stewn about while hummingbirds fly twinkling lights around to aid in your sewing as dusk settles.

    this weekend i’m getting virtual & real party favors & dresses ready for promaballoona! can you loan me some hummingbirds? 

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      I’ve been having a blast reading all the promaballoona posts from this week. I have to admit that it was such a good idea!

      And yes, I can loan you some hummingbirds for the night 🙂

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    Marisa Noelle

    Ah, I wish I had your sewing skills!  I have three…well actually four DIYs going on at the moment.  Luckily one just got finished.  Looking forward to seeing how your project turns out.  Panty – that is such an awkward word to say, hahaha I agree!  I’m sure they are adorable though:)  I volunteering at our town fair tonight – how country does that sound? 🙂  Should be fun though!

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    Jackie Saffert

    Oh the joyous late nights that come with design projects.  Mine never included hand stitching – there was more drawing and model making – but I can still relate.  My key to making it through was really good music, breaks every once in a while, and caffeine.  And friends to laugh with at the most ridiculous of things in to the early hours of the morning don’t hurt either.  Good luck with the projects and I can’t wait to see the results!

    P.S. You know what I’ll be doing this weekend!  Sleeping.  Lots of sleeping and hopefully some other productive activities as well. 


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    I absolutely cannot wait to see the end result of this project! Currently I’m figuring out what to do for my blog’s first birthday and am itching with ideas!

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    Yay, glad your project is coming together!  My parents decided at the very last minute to come for a visit this weekend, so I’m entertaining and hoping to whip up a quick & easy dress for them to take back for my sister!

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    Good luck with the rest of your project m’dear, sounds really exciting! I’m starring in a local theatre production of west side story next week so just having a lazy weekend of lie-ins and lattes, haha, hope you have a lovely weekend! x

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    wow, your project is going fast. Sewing underwear is definitely on my to-do list. I’m currently on the hunt for pretty fabric and some cute notions. 

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    wait, ooh, interlining and padstitching? this must be a jacket of some kind… I have not yet gone the padstitching route. but it would definitely take me a week of nights, too!

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    Amanda Russell

    I can’t wait to see the finished projects! I really love your photoshoots! 🙂 also, yay for handstitching! ^__^

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    Meg the Grand

    Oooo… all of your finished projects sound divine!  Will you be posting your high waisted panties?  I’ve been thinking of trying that pattern myself – it might be a good way to use up all these delicate knit scraps I have roaming around the sewing area.  I’m completely intrigued by your hand stitching/extensive project!  I definitely applaud your goal of not taking any shortcuts – I’ve joined in with Sarai’s challenge, but decided to focus on not biting my nails for the first month.  It’s been two weeks so far, and I’m on track.  Here’s to us accomplishing our goals!

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