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all about going out and about. Last Friday, I interviewed this artist about his exhibit at our home offices. Saturday, I attended another wedding here for a dear friend in Media, Pennsylvannia (side note: I wore my jumper to the occasion and I looked spectacular!). Sunday, I had a spontaneous, albeit successful, shopping spree here. Tuesday, I attended a terrarium building workshop here in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvannia. It’s been exciting but can I say that I’m pooped (not literally, of course)? I have another event to attend this weekend but once that is over, I’m plopping myself not on my couch or in my bed but in the chair right in front of my sewing machine!

I know I said I’m pooped but I’m also super excited about my project. The stabilizing, interfacing, hand quilting, and machine quilting portion of the project is over and constructing the final garment is all that is left. Because the silhouette is so simple, construction is going to be a piece of cake. A week tops I estimating. I may show you snippets of the completed garment but I’m hoping that Valerie, Brandy, and I will have another collaboration over Labor Day weekend featuring this lovely ensemble. To hold you off until then, I have a little unveiling planned for the next couple of weeks. One is my Ohhh Lulu high waisted panty (yep, I still hate that word) that I sewed in the midst of this project. The other is outfit shots of my overalls ensemble that all of you were so interested in. Oona requested an outfit shot and I can’t let a fellow seamstress down!

So, as I always ask, what are you up to?


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    Your terrarium building workshop sounds exciting! Did you make the one at the top? I love it! Good luck with your sewing this weekend. I’m on the edge of my seat to see it finished!!

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    Sewing Princess

    I love your office! Media is such a cute little town…I still remember taking the trolley there to Springfield Mall

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    well… i’m working on overalls born out of jealousy!!! can’t wait to see the eye candy…

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      if you’re making overalls, you have to do an outfit post too!

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    the Garment Farmer

    I too want to see the overalls 😉 I’m sure you were gorgeous! I’m excited to have few plans for the weekend, which means I’m planning to do some sewing!! Yay me 🙂

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      Yay for sewing!

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    The office is so pretty, those chairs with different colors totally caught my eye. I’ll be working and illustrating a lot, hopefully. Have a lovely weekend.

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    Ugh, the office is so incredibly gorgeous.

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      I know. I forget sometimes how lucky I am to work where I do but then comments like yours snap me back into shape

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    Wow, what a busy week! Your office really is beautiful! I had a crazy week, too, so I’m taking it easy with the pugs today!

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