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So this week was my mom’s birthday. On Sunday, August 12th, Margo, a name she never ever would have let me call her, would have been 58 years-old. I’m not a sappy person – every time I cried she, she, my mother, would say “snap out of it!” – and this post won’t be such. It will be a lesson to you and I

She was a unique breed of a person. She showed up to my brother’s football games with a bottle of Kendall Jackson. She poured herself into the games, pun intended. She spent her weeknights watching Fox News and reading journals she had kept of her father’s, mother’s, and other relative’s correspondence with each other and themselves. She wore Ann Taylor blouses (which I still have) button to the top button and a pair of heels most days.

These memories still twinkle in my memory; they’re dwindling but still there. What shines through though is her stubbornness. She was one hard-shelled lady. A midwesterner from Souix City, Iowa, she ran six miles a day, regardless of what your plans were. She also did not hesitate to hang up on you if she did not agree with what you were saying. And when she was partied out on a Saturday evening, she got up and left, even if someone told her to please stay. This stubbornness of hers is something I tattooed on my attitude the day she died. “You blog? And sew” many people said and continued, “so what are you really going to do with your life?” Think of where I would have been if I listened to them? So thanks mom. Thanks for being one stubborn ass bitch.



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    Wowsas she sounds like a trial! If you’re like me you’ve had other family members and friends help you pick out the good parts?

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      her stubborness was here good part! I admire that about her!

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    wonderful. happy belated, momma madalynne. thanks for living on in kick-ass-itty in your beautiful daughter!

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      Amy of Sew Well

      Seconded. I couldn’t have said it any better. Happy belated birthday Momma Madalynne.

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    Beth McKinlay

    Always a hard few days to deal with. But oonaballoona is right, your mother will live on in her children and that is a great gift. And hey there are worse things than being stubborn! Personally I think it’s a virtue (because I am) so you go girl!!

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      I definitely think her stubborness is a virtue! It’s one of her traits I try to live by!

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    Fabulous post. Happy Birthday to your mom! 🙂

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    Brandy Swope

    aw maddie! this is lovely and wonderful!

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    Lisa Summerford

    I remember her running! even when she was pregnant!

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    Melanie Stone

    this is so sweet 🙂 reminds me of my own mommy!

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    This is beautiful Maddie, your mother sounds like she was one of kind. Happy belated birthday to her!

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    Clare Mountain

    Wow, your mum sounded amazing! I love that she wore her Ray Bans with her wedding dress. Happy birthday to her!

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      she was such a stud in her Ray Ban’s!

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    the Garment Farmer

    wow, what a cool lady! sweet memories Maddie 🙂

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      she was pretty sweet!

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    Janice Garingo

    Awwww what a great post. Her strong-mindedness is an awesome trait, and she will live on in her children.

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    Wow, look at that wedding photo! She sure was a bombshell. I bet she would have been really proud to see the wonderful, driven, successful and sweet lady you’ve grown into.

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    Jackie Saffert

    This post is beautiful. And I’m very glad you picked up on a bit of your mom’s stubbornness because otherwise we wouldn’t have this amazing, lovely blog. Happy belated birthday to Margo!

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    Well, I didn’t expect to read a post like this on a visit to your blog. But I admire your realness (that’s a word, right?). Happy birthday, Margo. And happy weekend.

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    What lovely memories– thanks for sharing them. She sounds like one helluva gal.

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    What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

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    This post is so sweet and wonderfully written 🙂 Your mom would be more than proud of the girl you have become 🙂 and you got your beauty from her, she looks (and sounds) amazing! x

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    Meg the Grand

    This is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful bits about your Mom with us – she sounds fantastic in so many ways.

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    Birdie wears a tie

    I really admire you. This post is written so awesome and your mom sounds like an amazing and wonderful person. happy belated birthday, maddie’s mom, you rule.

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    Knowing your mom for 34+ years…beginning at age 18 at the University of Iowa where we were Kappas….just like Margo’s mom and your grandmother…for those 34 glorious years of “Margoisms”, late night Indian Chief head dress antics, fun, late night chats…. I am forever blessed to count Margo as one of my best pals. And now I am blessed to count her daughter Maddie as one of my pals too….lucky me!

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    That was such a sweet and heart felt post, thanks for sharing your memories with us. Zoe xx

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