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I have no freaking clue. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I posted a photo of a pair of shorts last Sunday. Made with vintage yellow tweed (self), green and white striped voile (underlining), white cotton eyelet (facing), and glitter side ties, these shorts are killer – a sure show stopper. And the matching top I made to go with it is even better – I hand stitched a GIANT pearl statement necklace around the neckline (the pearls were sewn to a layer of mesh). It was the simplest silhouette I’ve sewn but it was one of the hardest constructions I have encountered. The project is done though. Finite. Ovah-with! A photo shoot is in the works and its debut will be soon. But the end of this project has left me at the beginning of several diverging roads that meet right at my feet. Where to go next?

I really enjoyed making Ohhh Lulu’s high waisted undies (I finally found a word that I’m comfortable with saying and typing to replace the P-word). I liked that all pattern pieces were small and that all pattern alterations could be done on my desk. I didn’t have to clear the room so that I could work on the floor. I also liked that I could prep everything after work during the week and then sew the entire piece on a Saturday night, Sunday morning, or Sunday afternoon. The perfect sewing project for the gal on the move! The best part though, was that I had a pair of undies that fit like a charm. It hit at the perfect spot – high hip – no too high, not too low, no muffin top, and no love handles. Also, at no point during the day did I have to make a clandestine wedgy pick (common, I know even the chicest ladies do it!). I enjoyed the project so much so that I’m thinking about delving into the category of lingerie sewing more. I know I can make one hell of a dress but I want to make even better under-things to wear underneath it.

With that said, I turn to you with a question – does anyone have any book suggestions for lingerie pattern making and sewing? I’ve been browsing Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy but I haven’t made any decision. I know some of you are shy with commenting but let’s hear it!

So, on this Friday, I’ll ask what I always ask, what are you up to this weekend. Me? My plans for the weekend? I will be awaiting your comments on lingerie books.


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    Clare Mountain

    Hurry up with that photoshoot, Miss Maddie! I can’t wait much longer 😉 Looking forward to hearing the lingerie book suggestions. I’ll be taking note!

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      Seriously, I wanna see it, too!

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      If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I’m the slowest sewer in the world! The rest of my life is so chaotic and fast paced that I like to take my time of these projects- I like taking the time to make them PERFECT!

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    I’m currently working my way through “Patternmaking for Underwear Design” by Kristina Shin. I have had to tweak the drafts to my liking, but the starting point for each was okay. The book only shows how to draft one size though and does not give grading info. So far I have drafted the basic underwired bra, the brief and the slip. It shows how to manipulate the bra block for other designs, and currently I am working on the 2 dart full cup lace bra.

    The other fabulous source of info is http://www.patternschool.com It is for swimwear design, but I have used the bikini bottom drafts for underwear. My favourite is the cheekies design.

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      Wow! Thank you for the recommendations! “Patternmaking for Underwear Design” sounds like a great resource for a basic understanding of lingerie patterns. I’ll add it to my list of possible buys.

      I had a chance to briefly browse http://www.patternschool.com and that will be a great resource. I bookmarked it for later.

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    IT just took me 7 goes to get past your type the words to post a comment…perhaps if you took this feature off, people would be less shy about commenting?

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      hmm… can you explain this more? Please email me so that I can correct it.

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    I haven’t studied anything on lingerie – sorry I can’t help there. I’ve only ever made undies myself, and by copying and then modifying a pair that fit well. I’ve made a swimsuit but followed package directions and got lucky that everything turned out well. Look forward to seeing the shorts and top! Have a great weekend!

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    I have such a bad problem with wedgies too – I dunno what happened, all my underwear used to fit fine & now I only have about a dozen pair that are wedgie-proof (and as far as I know, my rear is still the same size). HAHA TMI. But, you know, this is a real problem. I’m thinking about taking one of the “good” pairs & using them to make more undies.

    I have the “Kwik Sew Method for Sewing Lingerie” book – I got it for a steal at the local used bookstore (and Amazon appears to have copies for under $5). I can’t say I’ve really done more than read through it, but I like the pictures & it has a lot of good information – and patterns, apparently (which weren’t in my copy, booo). But it covers all things, like nighties & robes & bras & undies 🙂

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      I saw that book on Amazon and was curious about it. Although Amazon is a great resource, I like thumbing through books before I buy them. That’s why I’m still a book store junkie 🙂

      Thanks for the recommendation. That book might be a soon-to-be purchase of mine. I have to look through the others though.

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    I haven’t sewn any lingerie, so I’m no help there. But I work on the floor too! I do all my cutting on the living room floor since I live in a tiny little apartment.

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      Isn’t it a pain!?!?

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    Meg the Grand

    As I sit here, Gertie’s new book is making its way into my mailroom – so I will be reading and plotting my way through that alllllll weekend 🙂 I’m excited to see your new ensemble! It sounds smashing! Sorry I cannot recommend any lingerie books, but I think you’ve definitely sold me on the high waisted undergoodies because I DETEST the clandestine wedgie pick. Have a marvelous weekend, my friend!

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      I read about Gertie’s new book on her blog. She’s one aspiring lady.

      I can suggest the Ohh Lulu pattern more. It was a dream to wear and sew.

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    what gorgeous images! i wish i had suggestions on lingerie sewing books. bu this weekend i will be trying to spend as much time as possible with the hubby, because this week was a rough one on us.
    xo TJ

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      so sorry to hear. I hope you and the hubby spend some quality time and get back to normal 🙂

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    I just saw that sneak peek for the shorts and that tweed looks unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the whole ensemble.
    Sorry, I don’t have any book suggestions. I’ve been hoping to venture into lingerie sewing for a while so if you find a good book please share it with us, it would sure help me. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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    Actually, let me take back what I said before. I did some snooping around my own bookcase yesterday and found a Lingerie book. Imagine my excitement when I found it since I thought I didn’t have any. It’s called “Vintage Lingerie: Historical Patterns and Techniques” by Jill Salen. I have yet to try anything from it -mostly due to the fact that I’m a scaredy cat- but I bet you would make some wonderful things from it.

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      Thanks! This was another book that I saw on Amazon but was unsure of whether to buy. It’s so hard to judge the quality and content of a book when it’s not in front of you, you know? But you’re positive recommendation is great. I’ll put it on my potential “to buy list”

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        That is exactly what I constantly struggle with when buying books online. Sometimes they let you take a peek inside but it’s still tough to choose.

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    I just bought the Patternmaking for Underwear Design. I’ve also drafted a couple things from patternschool.com. They’re very basic blocks but I learn a lot of the “why” from his site. I have had fun drafting different undies for different stretch percents. Undies!

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