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a reflection on the past couple of months. I was ahead of schedule for my blog posts (I submitted two guest posts a week early) so I took some time to look through my old posts to see what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what I wanted to improve. In my opinion, the content and graphics were on point, killer actually, but what was lacking was engagement. I loved seeing everyone’s me-made outfits in May and I loved following Oona’s Promaballoona. I want to start something too (I am stomping my feet up and down as if I was a terrible twosome and I wrote that). Just as these amazing seamstresses did, I want to start something that engages ME with YOU and that’s what I’m going to do.

What am I starting? Remember slam books during high school? (I almost got expelled for creating one. Ha! That’s another story for another day and another post) Well… I want to start a slam book, also somewhat of a scrapbook, for sewing. Our slam book/scrapbook would not be derogatory but would document our learns, struggles, projects, and lives.

I’ll buy a notebook, a pretty one from Anthropologie, and I’ll write about what’s on my sewing plate as of late. I’ll tape, glue, and decorate my page(s) however I like. Next, I’ll scan my page(s) and write a blog post about it. Then, I’ll MAIL the notebook to another seamstress (I’ll get their approval before I send it – just in case they don’t want to participate) and they can decorate it any way they please. They can write a sewing tip, a pattern making tip, a recent trip, or just ramble about themselves if they wish. They can use this tutorial, this tutorial, this tutorial, or another tutorial to decorate their page(s). It doesn’t matter. That person will blog about what they added to the notebook and send it to another person. This will continue until the notebook is filled. At that point, it can be sent back to me (or someone else- it doesn’t matter) and I’ll host a giveaway. Wouldn’t it be so cool if you won the notebook and were able to look back on the sewing community five years from now and reminisce on what we were up to?

So who’s in? I don’t care if it’s only one of you. All I need is one!

Oh, and one more bit…. Silvia of Sewing Princess created a petition to deal with the frustration many seamstresses have with Burda magazine. I encourage all of you to read more about it HERE and if you support the cause, sign the petition HERE.


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    Kat Sultanie

    What a fun idea! I would love to take part.

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    emily marie

    oh my GOODNESS, I love this idea! both getting things in the mail and sending them are totally my thing. in!

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    Beth McKinlay

    I’m Australian, don’t know what a slam book is, but I’d Love to do that.

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    Clare Mountain

    Maddie, this is a wonderful idea! I am no seamstress, but I can put a few knitty bits in it? I’d like to take part anyway 🙂 Such a great idea.

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    Update – we can have 3 slam books – one for Europe, one for Australia, and one for US. How does that sound?

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      Beth McKinlay

      Might save n postage, but a mixture of countries in one book would highlight the diversity amongst sewers. The end product would be really interesting. But it’s your baby, up to you!

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    Marty Blow

    Excellent! I would love to do this!

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    Sandra Stroud

    Oooh yes indeedy count me in too please! And I think I get what you mean about blogging and engaging. While it is easy to post and comment all over the place, sometimes I find it quite difficult to really connect in a personal way when I can’t speak to someone face to face. Seeing other peoples handiwork in a book would be a lovely way to see aother side to them.

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    Antoinette Perez

    Sounds fun.

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    melissa whitney

    Oooh this sounds like a lot of fun! I’d be a part of that!

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    Sure! I’m totally in!

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    OMG Maddie. This is such a cool, fun and exciting idea. I love it!

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    Count me in! That sounds like so much fun 🙂

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    Beth McKinlay

    Re the petition: Why do people attack Burda so much? I think the magazine is great. OK they repeat designs. So do all the pattern companies, we all just reinvent the wheel. OK the tracing is a pain. But I’m getting a pattern for 50c AUS, I can’t complain! I have never had trouble understanding the instructions. I’ve even made them from German instructions, and I don’t speak German. It’s just common sense, and yes I am an experienced sewer but I sew what I’m capable of sewing. Nobody is forcing sewers to buy the magazine, and despite its faults it is a great resource.

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    what. WHAT?! i am so in!!! way to turn your terrible two rage into awesomeness, my friend.

    i love the idea of the book being international, too… but if you did it by country to save on postage, you could upload full resolution images to shutterfly/iphoto, and then peeps could order books of the pages, making it international… since only one person can win the real thing, or things 🙂

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      ps: tres pretty snapshots.

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        love this idea! I think I’m going to run with this. Nette provided a good link above where I can do this.

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    Amy Alan

    Sure! Sounds like fun, Maddie!

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    I’m definitely in, sounds like fun!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    I’m in!!!!

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    Daughter Fish

    Yes! Count me in! Love this idea! And I second Oona’s suggestion of making the pages available to others!

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    Love it!

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    Amanda Adams

    Count me in all the way from Australia 😀

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      we won’t leave you aussie’s hanging!

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    This is a super fantastic idea!!! I also get jelly when cool people come up with cool ideas. I think Oona’s suggestion of a digital book of some kind is great. I used a really great site for a school project. It’s called Issuu: http://issuu.com/
    There’s a print option there, too.

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      hmmm… I really like this idea too. I’m going to look more into it because that way, more people will be able to join. Thanks for the link lady.

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    Marisa Noelle

    That’s such a clever idea Maddie! Do you have to be a seasoned seamstress to join in?
    I really love all your creativity here – I always leave feeling inspired.

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      nope! you definitely don’t have to be a seamstress to join!

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    Paven Rayat

    What an amazing idea! I’d love to get involved from the UK 🙂 xx

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    I would be in! This sounds like a wonderful way to relate and see personal touches–and bless each other! (Btw, I thought “slam books” were only in the movie! But maybe that’s evolved since I was in high school.)

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    Is it limited to the US only? If not please count me in.

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    This sounds like a lot of fun– I’d love to be involved!

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    I love your notebook idea! Great way to interact with fellow sewers. Count me in!

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    That sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to join too. Great idea!

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    I would love to join! I actually do a similar sort of thing with some girlfriends of mine (who all live far away from each other), but I would LOVE to see a whole notebook full of only sewing goodies!

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    Trice Smith

    I think I might be interested.Maybe after the few entries to see what’s going on. Maddie, I LOVE that you post pictures of home (Philly). You are making me miss it after 4 years of being away.

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    This sounds super, I’m a little Australian so send her my way, I’ll get my needle n thread ready.

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