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Was all about action. Last week was all about reflection and this week was all about action. Did I just say the word action twice?

Last week, I decided that I wanted more engagement between ME and YOU. I provide you with a lot – tutorials, interviews, and updates on my projects – but you don’t provide me with anything except comments (which I love). Instead of our relationship being one way, I want it to be two way… symbiotic.

So I created an idea to start a slambook/scrapbook that will document what I and others in the sewing world have be up to. I will buy three notebooks – one to be passed around in the US, one to be passed around in Europe, and one to be passed around in Australia. I will jazz up a page or two or more with what has been filling up my sewing plate lately. I’ll then send it to three of you and you’ll do the same as I. When the notebooks are filled up with lots of sewing and pattern making goodies, they can be sent to me (or someone else) and I will create a virtual scrapbook (thanks Oona and Nette) so that all of you can see what more people like you have been up to lately.

So the notebooks are bought and now it’s time for me to start decorating. You bet it’s going to be about lingerie. Who shall I send it to first?


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    Ruffles Gazebo

    woo this sounds awesome!! can’t wait for it to come to Australia!!

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    Clare Mountain

    This is so exciting! I am so looking forward to seeing the results from this book. I don’t want to go first, as I have no idea what to put in my pages yet, but I’ll go soon after that 🙂

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    That’s such a great idea! You’ve got someone in Edinburgh to contribute if you like 😉

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    ready in the usa!

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    Oh what fun! I have zero ideas at the moment (this week my brain was all about porridge…) but I’m here – ready and willing!

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    c b

    What a great idea! I’d love to be a part of it.
    I’m in Washington state.

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    I think I need to get a little further into my massive frosting project before I can contribute! But I’ll be quite happy to jump in at some point. 🙂
    Do you need a list of addresses or anything from people who want to contribute? That way you can just randomize the participants by region and send a list for people to check off as they get it, and there won’t be any question about who to send it to next!

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    I would so love to contribute! I live in Ohio.

    Brigid 🙂

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    Meg the Grand

    I think this is brilliant 🙂 I live in Chi-town and would love to represent this fab city at some point!! Hooray!

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    You know I’m still in!! Send it to Brooklyn, baby!! Lol

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    Jackie Saffert

    Happy weekend Maddie! This. is. such. a great idea. If only I still sewed. I’m excited to see the end results of these scrapbooks!

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    I’m no where near your sewing level and much of my sewing is “make do with what’s on hand” style, but could I still play? I live in Virginia.

    Also, I like the picture of the dress form outside. You just inspired me with some ideas…

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    Amy at Sew Well

    What a lovely way to connect creative people. Bravo!

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    Christina Crooks

    ohhh, is that your dress form? a wolf by chance? looks like a beauty.

    what a neat thing to do in interact with other sewers. there’s something very special about pen and paper 🙂

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    Maddie, let me say that I adore this wonderful idea and I would love to contribute my two cents to the US scrapbook once I go back home this winter. I hope we can make it happen.

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    Birdie wears a tie

    Hey, I love this idea! That’s so cute. I would love to contribute some stuff I’m from Germany, you know, and this would be my contribution to europe!


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    I love this idea. I’m in, but I’m also late. It’ll be fun to see what people do!

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