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a complete and utter disaster. It can be summed up briefly, and quite perfectly, in the following dialogue…


Maddie (which is me): Sir, you can’t give me a ticket, I have a flat tire
PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority): I’m sorry but you can’t park here for more than two hours
Maddie: I would move my car but it has a FLAT TIRE
PPA: You can’t park here for more than two hours. Here’s your ticket…

Between last Saturday and today, my life has entailed one flat tire, one cracked rim, one broken propeller shaft/transfer case, twelve train rides, twenty three bus rides, many bike rides, and even more walks to and fro. Being positive, at least I didn’t break a nail. Now that would have been a bad week.

I forage on. Next week will be better. Next week will sparkle and shine. I know it because I will be in The City – New York City.  To cover an event for my company, I will spend the latter half of the week in the apple some call big. The trip will be mostly work but I’m hoping to squeeze in some play time. That’s where you come in fellow readers,  friends, and seamstresses. I messaged an old  friend who lives in the city asking for fabric and trim store suggestions, especially ones with unique lingerie notions and trims like stretch ribbon, velvet elastic, and picot edged elastic. She gave me a few (Shindo and Mokuba) but I will ask you for suggestions as well. What are good fabric and trim stores in NYC, especially ones catering towards sewing lingerie?

P.S. For those readers who live in NYC and will have time on Thursday and Friday to meet up, feel free to email me. I don’t know if my and your schedule will permit a meet-up (because it’s in the middle of the workweek), but’s let try, eh?


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    My best friend is in town from NYC & she brought me some stretch foam padding & powermesh from Jem Warehouse in lower Manhattan. They stayed open late so she could buy the stuff & were really friendly- a rarity! For specialty notions including for lingerie, she says Sil Thread on 38th St and Steinlauf & Stoller on 39th.

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      Thanks dear!

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    I had a bad weekend too! I’m just going to keep repeating this line to myself “Next week will be better. Next week will sparkle and shine” <3

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      Next week will indeed sprinkle and shine. I’m with you on that one girl.

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    Sky Turtle

    Sorry for all those things that went wrong and fingers crossed for the new days to follow 😀

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    Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

    Booo! What a horrible week. But hurrah for NY! I do hope you will be able to squeeze in some playtime. And please, share you NY findings with us. x

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    Pacific Trim! NYC will cure all your ills. 🙂 Have a great time!

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    Ugh. At least your car wasn’t towed – Philly is literally the WORST place in the world for parking. Hands down. And I think I totally had that same conversation with the PPA many moons ago…
    Have a great time in NYC and please do share your finds!

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    Marisa Noelle

    Oh the PPA – don’t get me started. I seriously end up getting a ticket every time I am in Philly for sometimes reasons unknown. Last time I was apparently in a spot where the tourist bus drops off, but it was completely unmarked! Lovely. I swear it’s so hard to get anywhere with those people. Sounds like quite the week for you. Glad you made it out in one piece 🙂
    Have an amazing time in NYC. Time away is always the best after weeks like that 🙂 xo Marisa

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      October 19th – that’s when I get started on PPA… at my hearing. I’m going to give it to them!

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    carrie elias

    That sucks about your ticket……next week will definetly be better. So excited you get to go to New York! I think it’s magical there……have a lovely weekend 😀

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    This week’s snapshots are so cute. I think visiting NYC is definitely the bright side in this story. Have a great time and I hope you find beautiful things that you can later share with us. 🙂

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    So Sorry about your flat tire and frustrating week! So glad you are going to NYC, I wish I knew some places there to tell you to go. Have a great time!

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    Katie Lineaweaver

    Buh! What a jerk. This is why people annoy me.
    I had a rough week too. With a man yelling at me over the phone for something I was not remotely at fault for, being hormonal, being wildly stressed, and staining one white shirt twice in 5 hours. But as my grandma always said, from bad days will come good. So I am hopeful for a good birthday week! I wish I knew more fabric stores in NYC, but I only really know of Mood and Buttonalogy. Let us know what stores you found! I would love to venture up to NYC for actual fabric buying, not selling soon!

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      Let’s hope that you and I both have better weeks! No spilling and no parking tickets, okay?

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    Mendel Goldberg Fabrics. Not really for lingerie but a great shop

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      the more, the merrier!

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    MJ Trim for trims, Spandex House for stretchy stuff, MOOD, Metro Textiles for best prices

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      thanks dear!

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    Pacific Trimming has lots of trims and elastics and that sort of thing. I’d love to meet up with you, although I work lots, but maybe if you’re free in the evening Thursday or Friday we could meet up!

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      me too baby!!! so far both th

      and go to your hearing date and tell your story. they’ll usually reverse it, or at least lower it…

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        I’m going to give it to them! I may not weigh a lot but I can put up a good fight!

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    The pumpkin picture made me smile. Those bright orange gourds inject cheer whenever I see them. (Unless they are rotting, of course.)

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    Oh what a down week you had! i wouldn’t have known it from your adorable pics though. That pup is just the cutest thing ever. 🙂


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      The pup was a fat and cute one

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    aww, i’m sorry about your car! i’m sure a trip to NYC will cheer you up 🙂

    btw I really like that dress in the second pic.

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    Sewing Princess

    Maddie, sorry to hear about your bad week…that cop must have learned the rules very well…like talking to a brick wall! I love the picture with the black dress…is it you? So stylish.
    I recently posted about the garment district, if you´re interested. Get ready for an overwhelming fabric/trims trip! It´s fun!

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      Thanks for the link! You’re a gem!

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    Meg the Grand

    Ugh, what a week. I’m sending you mental hugs, a cup of hot tea, and a manicure since you managed to get through it all without breaking a nail – well done, my friend. Enjoy your time in New York! Hit Paron’s if you can 🙂

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      A virtual manicure? I wonder how that would go! French or color?

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    Autumn in the city… sounds fun. I hope you’re having a great time! Share what you find, because I could definitely use some new places to source lingerie trims!

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      I surely will. You and I have a love for lingerie (like the alliteration?) and I’ll definitely share my finds with you!

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    let me know if you’re up for meeting up! my contact info is on my site. btw is that your dog? So cute!!!

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      emailing you now!

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    Oh noo! you kidding? Such an annoying PPA… 🙁

    Be sure to visist central park and take a few snaps. It must be really pretty in the fall 🙂 I was in New York back in July, but don’t remember seeing any fabric shops so I can’t really help you with that ^^ Enjoy the Big Apple!! x

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