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one kick ass week. Lots went on, as per usual, but more important lots went on – I went to NYC. Although I live a short train ride away, my trips to the city have been few and far between. I have full intentions of hopping on a train Friday night and doting around SoHo, Central Park, and the Upper-East side, but by week’s end, I’m so pooped that I schedule little to nothing for Saturday and Sunday (little to nothing = lots of sewing). But when work asked me to cover an event, I committed visiting to the city.

I scheduled my train a little early so I could squeeze in fabric shopping before the evening’s event. Not only did I find some good finds (apologies for the redundancy), three lovely ladies – Oona, Christine, and Nette - escorted me around the garment district. I was rather nervous to meet them (I took extra special attention to my garb – which Oona totally showed me up – she’s got serious style) but I was so surprised how well we got along. I’ve read around the interwebs of bloggers who testify they instantly click with other bloggers when they meet. I never knew if it was true but I can tell you – it’s true. As we lunched at Stitches (coincidence?), it was amazed how despite our different lives, one hobby – sewing and pattern making (I consider them the same) – made us so alike. Sewing is a solitary hobby – garments are made solo – but the community that exists around it is very sociable and together.

To say that I bought good fabric would be an understatement. I bought killer fabric! What’s best about my purchases is that everything goes – all fabrics and trims can be mixed and matched. I meant this as I want to create a lingerie wardrobe out of the fabric I bought using a many patterns I have perfected over the past couple of months. It seems like my lingerie sewing (and tutorials) are not over. Oh no, no, no…

As promised, I give you photos of my purchases as well as a recap of the shops Oona, Christine, Nette and I visited. Included in my recap are shops that we weren’t able to visit but readers and friends suggested.

weekend intro Weekend

1. Metro Textile Corp: located in a very confined space, this gem of a store has great prints (I bought the star and green floral prints – pictured below – here)

2. Pacific Trimming – be prepared to feel like a kid in a candy store. It has LOTS of trims – seriously – and this is where I bought my elastics, stretch satin and velvet ribbon (stretch satin and velvet ribbon can be used and is a more shi-shi and posh option than elastic)

3. Paron Fabrics – I didn’t find much here but what I found was amazing – the butterfly printed fabric pictured below. It was on sale for $5 a yard and has a texture similar to faille. It’s sheer and I plan to layer this over the creme and brown chiffon I bought for a bra

4. Mood Fabrics – does Mood really need an explanation? Even though it’s a tourist destination – every seamstress and designer flocks to Mood – the quality is not sacrificed. The selection and variety is on point. Side note: Meg of Mood was kind enough to introduce herself to me! She knew me from my blog and she even snapped a photo of Oona, Christine, and I for Mood’s Instagram. Hey, hey… I’m kinda famous!

5. M&J Trimming- another store that doesn’t need a description. They have every trim imaginable

6. Spandex House – anything stretchy, this place will have it!

7. Mendel Goldberg Fabrics – couture fabrics – wool, boucles, lace, and such – for those not afraid to spend a pretty penny on fabric

8. Jem Fabric Warehouse - for hard to find fabrics such as power mesh and foam padding

9. Silthread Inc & Steinlauf & Stoller- for specialty notions, including lingerie

10. Shindo – great lingerie notions, although you might have to fib and say you’re sourcing for a company to get access

11. Mokuba New York – another awesome store for lingerie notions and again, you might have to fib and say you’re sourcing for a company to get access

12. City Sewing – for industrial machine sales, parts, repairs, and rentals

13. Also, check out Sylvia’s recap on where she went while in NYC


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