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was a hell of a lot quieter than last week. After traveling to New York City, a special friend visiting Philly, and major car problems, I was pooped. Smelly ole pooped. All I wanted this week, in addition to my two front teeth, was to come home to a quiet apartment, plop myself in front of my sewing machine, and sew. Nada more.

In last week’s Weekend post, I showed you my fabric finds that I bought while in New York City as well as a recap of fabric stores that were suggested to me before I went. But what I didn’t tell you in last week’s weekend post was the event that I attended – the event that my work sent me to cover and the reason I went to New York City. Well, the event was a book signing at Urban Outiftters’ (my work – I work at their home offices) Soho store for Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey’s new book, Shit Girls Say. Sheppard and Humphrey are the menΒ ladies from the YouTube channel, Shit Girls Say, which plays videos of well… shit girls say. One of their videos, Shit Free People Girls Say, parodies the shit that girls here at home office, including myself, say (Free People is a part of Urban Outfitters).

Well, the book signing was a blast. To describe Graydon as flamboyant would be an understatement. As Outkast says, he shook it like a Polaroid picture. Seriously.

Continuing the trend from this week, my agenda this weekend entails being, just being (sewing, maybe painting my nails, and little to nothing more).


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    Sarah Welsch

    I love her bangs! I wish I could pull off straight and heavy bangs!


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    Clare Mountain

    Haha, awesome. I love the Free People one. (Mainly cause I love your office!!) I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend. I’m taking my youth group to Wales this weekend! Probably not so relaxing, but it’ll be nice to go to the countryside for a bit.

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      Wales? I’d rather be in Wales that in a city awaiting a hurricane!

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    Anna Depew

    That sounds fantastic! I hope that you have a lovely and relaxing weekend… I’m looking forward to unwinding after my vacation, too. πŸ™‚

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    The book signing sounds like a blast! Have a good weekend relaxing and sewing, I hope to be doing the same!

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    Becky Stets

    Fun! I love those videos.

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    What a blast event! Those videos made me literally fall off the bed from laughing when I first discovered them one night. (Esp the Juliette Lewis one.) Maddie I hope you have a super chill cozy fall weekend!

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      super chill fall weekend… I like the sound of that but a looming hurricane is on my mind? The girl from Florida has experienced more hurricanes since moving to Philly than her family still living in the sunshine state. What?!?

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    Looks like you had an amazing time. NYC is definitely on my list of places to visit (and shop for fabric!).


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      You must visit the city. I never believed that it has the best fabrics until I went. The selection of fabrics within the garment district is unparalleled.
      Have a beautiful weekend!

      sent from my myriad of gadgets; please excuse my brevity and stupidity http://www.madalynne.com

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    My gosh! I think your jobs is awesome ^^ I love urban outfitters, we have one here in antwerp, but it’s a bit too pricey for my student wallet πŸ™‚ Though, I bought a few things there when I was in the US ^^ I’m curious to find out what you’re going to make with those fab fabrics πŸ™‚ I liked the starry one a lot ^^ x

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    carrie elias

    Beautiful photos of New York…..hope you are enjoying your mellow weekend! Today I had the photoshoot with my sister and then coffee date with my dad that turned into an Octoberfest dinner! Super fun so far……kiss, kiss!

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