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expensive. I feel about 5 lbs lighter and it’s not because of the pun that usually follows that statement (sorry for any graphic thoughts/images). The holidays, or more specifically, the four or five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, is when money starts flying – everywhere. Forty percent of retailers’ sales occur in these weeks and many people get into the hype of buying and spend beyond their means. For us stitchers and seamstresses, we commit to handmade gifts (hopefully) but even handmade can be expensive. The expense of Christmas is okay though because what you give, you will receive. In other words, if you give nothing, you will receive nothing and vice versa. But one person that is often overlooked is yourself. Who puts aside a portion of their Christmas money to buy themselves something they WANT, something they’ve been yearning for all year, and something not even Santa knows about? I do. I work hard all year and if I’m going to spend my hard-earned money on other people, I’m going to also spend my money on me too. This year, I’ve got my eye on this purchase and this purchase, both of which should not be any surprise to you (and don’t you dare purchase them!)


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    not only is christmas time expensive but i have a bunch of family members who have birthdays in december. christmas gifts on top of birthday gifts = so much money! although the more i look online and pinterest for gifts for others the more i find things i want to buy for myself. maybe i’ll buy something for myself after i see what i get for the holidays. btw that ring is stunning!!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      you should buy something for yourself! you deserve it!

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    Kat Sultanie

    Christmas is crazy for us because we have 12 nieces and nephews on Corey’s side so it can get expensive. But shopping for kids is so much fun so I don’t mind. But I am so bad at not buying myself stuff. I hate going shopping and not getting something for me so it always ends up even more expensive.

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    carrie elias

    Good for you…’s so nice to hear you’re getting yourself something lovely. Visiting your blog always lifts my spirit. ….thanks for that ♥

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    the Garment Farmer

    love the ring; get the ring!! 🙂 Hubby and I decided rather than getting each other to buy ourselves the gifts we want (why pretend it’s a thoughtful gift?!), to just to buy ourselves the gift we want ourselves. No wrapping. And I ordered a dress form 😀

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      Maddie Flanigan

      awesome idea!

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    Oh do I feel ya 🙁 This time of year is rough like that. I love it. I love buying things for people…but it’s rough.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      rough on our wallets!

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    Natasha Estrada

    Why is that ring so pretttttty?

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      Maddie Flanigan

      because it’s peach morganite!

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        Natasha Estrada

        Morganite + Rose Gold = Heaven. You should seriously get that. I don’t often look at rings and have my jaw (delicately) drop.

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    I think that it is great that you buy something for yourself! The ring is so beautiful!

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    Oh wow, that ring. BEAUTIFUL! Don’t worry, I won’t be buying it. Hahaha

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    I love the idea of buying yourself presents this time of year. Definitely go for it!

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    Meg the Grand

    I love buying holiday presents for myself 🙂 I just bought myself a fabulous headband and another “I’ll CUT you” bag to coordinate with my orange pea coat. I have a pink one to coordinate with my puffy coat. Is that completely sad?

    You NEED that ring OMG. It’s stunning! Yes, buy yourself something lovely for the holidays – you’ve completely earned it 🙂

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    Can I please be a part of your life? I am pretty sure we would be the best of friends if we were neighbors.

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