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My dearest and darling readers, how was your week? In my world, it was a great week. Macy, my good friend at work, and I stayed late at work one night and fit the 2nd fit of my dress (click here to see). I was astounded at the amount of compliments, kudos, and praises I received when I posted pictures on Facebook. As I work through each of my projects, I constantly worry if others will like the design, if I will execute the sewing well, or if the project will end somewhat decent. When I post pictures of finished products, all the “likes” and “comments” really make my day sparkle. I smile inside and out for days. Thank you.

But the week is over and the weekend is finally here (yay!). What are you getting into over the next three days? I’ve had enough of the city, its concrete, and all its greyness. I need some greenery a fresh air. So off to the burbs (suburbs) I will go. I will spend the day Saturday with my Aunt Ginny. We may dabble in some anitquing here, or we may take a hike here, or we may just end up painting our nails and chit-chatting at her kitchen table (and laughing lots too). That’s as far as my plans go. The rest of the weekend, well, I’ll just let it take me wherever it wishes.


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    Your weekend plans sounds lovely, but that phantom photo trick you did on this post? That is just the bomb!

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      Oh the power of photoshop!

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