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about participating. Amy from the blog A Cloth Habit kicked off the week with not only a bra making sew along but an awesome interview of Norma, the owner of Orange Lingerie. Norma spent her younger years sewing but put the hobby on the back burner when she started working on Wall Street – she had no time for it. Norma eventually reached a point in her career where she could branch out on her own and that’s just what she did – she quit her job, moved to Canada, and studied with the famed Bevelry Johnson (I’m reading her Bra’s Makers Manual now and like whoa! What a life changer, in the sense of bra making). My week got even better when I read that Norma would be joining the 100+ ladies involved in the sew-along, offering suggestions, tips, an advice.

I was looking over the notes I have made over the past six months and the amount that I have learned has amazed me. What I thought was correct when I first began sewing lingerie no longer holds true. Boy oh boy how I was wrong on so many things! If this is where I was six months ago, where will I be in six months? A year?

Enough about me, let’s talk about you. What were you up to this week and what will you be doing this weekend?






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    carrie elias

    My brother is visiting from Utah so I’m looking forward to some family time (and a little practice with my new camera). Have a fun weekend Maddie ♥

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    Maggie Smith

    I will be doing some cleaning, which I am weirdly excited about! And finishing up a denim Ginger skirt that I started this week. Have a great weekend!

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    I’ll be going full on work mode this weekend – we have an exhibition opening next weekend and there is still much to do! But in between this and that I hope to whip up a new dress for the opening – I always feel good having something new to wear to those events!
    Isn’t learning such an amazing thing?! Your journeys in lingerie making are so inspiring!

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      Maddie Flanigan


      Good luck with the opening and I hope you whip up that dress! It’s crunch time baby!
      I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post this week. It was great to get a snippet of your life, your job, and your husband.
      Sincerely Always,

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    Kate O'Hara

    those earrings are adorable! it’s crazy how much can change in 6 months! my work week was insane this week so i’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hope you have a great one too!

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    Happy Friday! I’m working on a jacket this weekend and hoping to get tons done! I also had a few Oscars screeners come my way, so I’m going to catch up on movies. Hooray weekend!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    LOVEEEE those earrings!

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    Sarah Welsch

    love the earrings on top!



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    A bra making sew-along is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. How exciting! I’ll definitely bookmark it for later.
    Happy weekend!

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    Am really enjoying reading about your adventures with lingerie making! I’ve even been inspired to make my first set of knickers – as a Brit, I think I have an excuse to avoid using the “p” word! 🙂 I can finally let rip with the girly bows and embellishments – can’t wait to make more and join the bra sew along, thanks Maddie!

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    Amy from a cloth habit is really inspiring me to try out some lingerie! Thanks for sharing her blog! I went to the party at SewLA this weekend!

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