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I felt like a real northeasterner and not a fake one. I am no longer that northeastern transplant who grumbles and groans when the weekly forecast appears on the screen (computer screen – I don’t own a television). It’s winter kids and I’m starting to get into it. When I heard that there was a nor’easter on the way, I thought, “Come on. Hit us hard!” I remember iterating such thoughts when I was a Floridian (notice how I used the past tense) and news of a hurricane headed for the state popped up. This winter has been cold enough that when the snow has fallen, it sticks, stays white, and doesn’t turn to grey mush. It’s pretty and I don’t mind that the holidays are not coinciding with the cold. Now, who would have thunk this Florida gal would have said such a thing? Not I, no, not me.

I know you know that I’ve been patterning and sewing lingerie lately but what you don’t know is that I am also making something grand to wear over my underthings. I love being twenty five because engagement parties and weddings are thrown year round, which means I have occasions to dress up, way up, every couple of months. One of my best girlfriends got engaged over the holidays and as one of her bridesmaids, I can’t skip out on her engagement party, which will be in late March and in Florida. Never mind the cost of airlines, what to wear to the occasion was my first thought. I’m thinking red and a bottom opening measuring sixty plus inches.

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    Marisa Noelle

    I’m in Philly now & I can’t wait to see how much snow actually hits us. I feel like they always make it worse than it actually is. Hmm – we shall see 🙂
    I cannot wait to see what you create! Sounds like it will be completely lovely like everything you make. xo

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    Lol, I feel like that makes me a fake Northeasterner– I’m an hour south of Philly and never believe we’re going to get any snow until I actually see it. Of course, I’m in the rain range. And Delaware tends to shut down in a panic every time we get more than a flurry.

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    Susan Scheihing Barndt

    …..always love your “Floridian” take on things…I’m now looking forward to a lovely snowfall! Thanks Maddie!

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    Nor’easter??! What!!? Better check in on the fam… Also, you made me think that I might still be more of a northeasterner than I thought because I live in total FEAR of getting hit by a hurricane!
    Also – bottom hem of 60 inches…? Yes. Please!

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    Love your valentines! Can’t wait to see what fancy dress you make, red sounds awesome!

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    Ooh, a red dress will be awesome!

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    Rachel W

    I love the way you think lady! Your dress sounds so lovely!

    As a northerner myself, I’m getting really sick of the snow. Sunny and warm weather sound nice right about now but I think the real thing that makes everything okay is simply just your attitude. Bring on the snow! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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    An old friend of mine lives/goes to grad school in Boston. He shared some insane photos of the snow there. Cars literally buried, just lumps beneath the white. I hope you were able to stay warm!

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    Sounds like what I went through when I moved to Texas. I’m from Michigan and went through a lot of grumbling in the summer all the time until I finally was like, bring it on. (The heat.) And congrats to your friend! I am now at the stage of life where our friends’ children are starting to get graduate from college, get married. This year was a rush of weddings! But of course you’d have a glamorous engagement frock… I hope we get to see!

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