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weekend 1

about the start of Me-Made-May, the month long commitment to wear self stitched garments throughout the month of May. As I wrote on Facebook, I am not participating in it because if I did, I would be wearing either ball gowns or lingerie for thirty days. One commenter said, “we see nothing wrong with this….” and they were absolutely right. As long as I wear the ball gowns over the lingerie, I’m good to go!

I respect and admire those that can participate in MMM. I have a busy day job that keeps me from churning out more than a couple of garments a year. Mind you, my projects are usually extravagant, but I barely come close to double digits. So the fact that some people have a full thirty day’s worth of self-made clothes in their closets impresses me! Bethany, Marci, Nette, and all the other ladies participating out there… you rock!


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    I’m the same! No where near high enough production levels here for MMM.

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    The easiest way to meet the MMM challenge is to make your own bras and underwear! That is my key method for meeting my MMM goal.

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    I wish I could participate in MMM but I am nowhere near having enough me-made clothes to fill up the month of May. I am creating at a more steady pace lately so I might get to that point someday.

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    I saw the MMM challenge too! I’m such a new seamstress though and I don’t think the 3 items I’ve made so far will carry me through the month! lol! Maybe by next year I’ll have a handmade wardrobe fit for participating. 🙂

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    Latrice Smith

    I think it would be completely awesome to wear me-made lingerie the whole month. You don’t have to photograph yourself wearinig them (unless you want) right? I think it still would count.

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    I wish I had enough time to make MMM goodies also! I am in awe of those who do. I would love to see more of your lingerie…

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    Thanks for the love, Mad!! I was just thinking of adding some me made undies to my collection using your cute pattern!

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