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was about kicking ass and taking names. And not just me, you did too! On Wednesday, My Daily, the style and fashion journal of The Huffington Post, published an article about how sewing is cool again. We knew that but I guess mainstream society is just catching on. The post ended with a list, or a slideshow, of the six best sewing blogs and I was one of them!

Marci wrote a post shortly after congratulating all of the winners. At the end, she made such a good point that it had me so excited to write a follow up post – this post. She wrote that what’s indicative about the award is that we know the winners by names.  “karen, rochelle, tilly…. and we call them friends.  friends that will hoist you up in the air, on the web, and in real life,” were her words exactly. Marci, truer words have never been blogged. If only Shakespeare were alive – this would make for a great line in a great play with even greater costumes (promaballoona x10).

What I find interesting about me and blogging is that even though my hobby and my career are to be public, I’m actually a very private person.  Throughout my life, I have been the observer – not the life of the party. Maybe it’s because I never felt like I fit in or maybe it’s because I liked doing my own thing. I never needed others to make me happy. If I want to sew, god damn it, I’m going to sew! As I’ve become more deeply involved in the sewing community though, I’ve felt a connection with the people I met. This is absolutely nuts to me because if you would have told me three years ago that I have internet friends, I would have pu pu-ed at such a statement! Sewing community? That sounds so cheesy!

So thank you Karen, Rochelle, Tilly, Nina, AlanaElena and all the other seamstresses out there. Together, we have made sewing bad ass.


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    I love absolutely everything about this post! Congratulations to you and to the rest of the lovely ladies. One thing’s for sure, the costumes in that play would be undoubtedly per-fect!

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    Congrats on being featured! That is awesome!

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    This is so cool!! How did I miss this?!?? Huge Congratulations to you, Maddie, and to all the seamstresses mentioned! Of course we knew that sewing was cool all along, but a little bit of validation never hurt!! I’m off to read that article now!

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    Congratulations on being in the article! I enjoy your blog and you deserve a shout out!

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    Congratulations! I just love the sense of community in the sewing world.

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    Kalie McGuirl

    looks like an amazing weekend! congrats. i love sewing!

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    Carlee McTavish

    Dang straight!

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    Goodbye Valentino

    Congratulations! Your great blog deserves to be mentioned!

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    Alessa Farbenfreude

    🙂 Lovely photos. Is that an ice cream truck? Wish we had them here…

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    congrats maddie! I consider myself a private person as well but it’s been a wonderful discovery to see how blogs influence such genuine community. I guess it’s all the passion being shared! Keep it up, sewing is pretty bad ass.

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