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was about not a whole lot. I could lie and say I had an exciting week but not much except the ordinary was going on. Don’t you love that about spring and summertime? That and the fact that it’s popsicle season! Life ebbs and flows slowly. It takes awhile for Friday to arrive but at the same time, Monday rolls around at an infinitesimal rate. To-do lists are tackled even if each bullet point contains an a), b), and c). There is even enough time to watch a movie during and play around on Instagram. I’m ending this week on the cusp of revealing some exciting things. Bras I’ve sewn (super cute ones too), books I’ve read, and interviews I’ve conducted – a lot has been hidden in my bag that’s about to spill over. The weekend is between now and then and I have visitors coming to town. On the agenda is a tour at a local brewery and… well… that’s as far as our plans go. I wonder if they want want to learn how to sew a bra (that is a joke, people)?

May I ask what you’re up to?


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    I am very excited about all of the new things coming to the blog!
    It’s not even 7 am yet so I haven’t given the weekend much thought yet but I predict it will be the usual enjoyment of a little bit of drawing and a little bit of sewing.

    P.S. I looove the new look on the side bar!

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    I was very pleased to have discovered your page and blog 🙂

    I’ve been rather poorly over the last few months so I’ve been recovering at home and trying to craft when I can. It’s wonderful to have such lovely blogs to read when I’m unable to be my usual creative self 🙂

    Look forward to seeing pics of your new creations – Feel free to send some samples to the UK…..for modelling 🙂

    KnittyNora xx



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      Maddie Flanigan

      I’m glad you found me! I’m off to check out your blog and Facebook page as well 🙂

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        Cheers for the Facebook like. My blog is pretty new (going for a year) and is something that I’m hoping to develop.

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    Ohh spring in Philly is just the best! Yes, the longer days are perfect for tackling to-do lists! And even the work week doesn’t look so bad with all those hours of daylight at the end of it! I’m on my way out to West Texas on Monday, hopefully for some R&R, and looking forward to it!

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    Megan Grandstaff

    Oooo… I’m excited to see what’s been hidden in your bag! I imagine it’s very much like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag with all kinds of treats inside.

    I have two dates this weekend that I’ve made new outfits for … so I’m excited for this weekend for many reasons 🙂

    I love spring and summer – it looks marvelous in Philly right now! Also, I have popsicle molds – this post reminds me I need to put those to good use again

    xoxo enjoy your weekend!

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    Latrice Smith

    I can’t wait to see what you are up too.
    This weekend I am going to an event called Asian Culture Festival. Should be fun. Might check out Ray At Night, which is kind of like First Friday in Olde City. Then I will organized my apartment more, relax and maybe squeeze in some sewing.

    You know I love your Philly photos, I think I recognize the 3rd photo.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      The market is on Spruce St. It’s an ordinary market but it has the most amazing fresh flowers outside. I can’t help but take that route home (University City) when I can.

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        Latrice Smith

        That make sense, when I was in Middle School, I had a best friend that lived off of 13th(i think) & Spruce. And in High School, I spent a lot of time in center city, heck I spent a whole lot of time center city expect when I was at college.

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    Amber Johnstone

    this is my first time on your blog and i really love it. you live in philly?

    we didn’t do a whole lot this week, either. my baby girl turned one (wow!) but we just had a really small celebration for her, with a few cupcakes and cards and balloons.

    we are also excited about popsicle season! And very much looking forward to strawberry season next month!

    glad to have discovered your blog!


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      Maddie Flanigan

      Thanks Amber! I hope you continue to come back. Yes, I’m in Philly. You’re in Maine?

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    can’t wait to see your latest bras! i’m going to the rosebowl flea market this weekend and doing family stuff…probably won’t get any sewing in!

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    Alessa Farbenfreude

    Yay for popsicle season! Gorgeous photos, too. 🙂

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    tors (girl, meets wolf)

    I can’t wait for it to get warm enough for popsicles, may be waiting for a long time here in Wales though! Today, I spent the day rather glamourously (not) cleaning my kitchen after finally unpacking stuff since renovating the house. Nearly finished, then on to the rest of the house!

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