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was about cleansing and purging. I got home from work last Thursday night and wanted to clean. One shoe was off and dinner was still on the stove when I was hanging up my jacket and thought, “what a mess! I must clean. Right now.” Out came the vacuum, paper towels, and Swiffer duster. I pulled out my clothes from my closet, boxing up what I hadn’t worn in over a year.  If I hadn’t worn over the past twelve months, I probably wouldn’t wear it for another year (I’m sure all of you, just like me,  hang onto clothes way longer than you should). When I was cleaning, I also came across some old notebooks that I had from high school, college, and after. Gosh, when flipping through old things, nostalgia kicks me right in the tush. Quick sketches of dresses, jackets, and pants I planned on making. Swatches I clipped while fabric shopping. People’s business cards. And you remember the moment that you made each page – where you were,  who your friends were at the time, what you’re mindset was, etc. I pulling into a 7-eleven parking lot and quickly sketching a dress that I just thought of. I have good times now but those times were definitely the good ole times. After all these emotions, then you think, why don’t I do that anymore?


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    Carlee McTavish

    I’m in the process of a whole house purge also. I am an aspiring hoarder. I always think: what if I could use this when I have my own classroom/have kids/ etc.? So I’m trying to get in the habit of just chucking things. It’s hard! But it is definitely fun taking a look back at old cards from friends, movie stubs, little hand-written notes. I’ve recycled two giant rubbermaid bins full of old notes from high school, university, and my first few teaching experiences so far and I’m still not done! Hopefully I will be soon so the sewing room/office can be ready for use again!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      My rule is if I haven’t used or worn it in a year, I most likely won’t use or wear it in the following year and IT’S GOING IN THE TRASH!

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        Carlee McTavish

        I know, but it is SO HARD. I’m getting better though. 🙂 One day everything will be pared down and much simpler.

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    Windsor Grace

    Some friends and I had a big clothing swap a couple of months ago. It was awesome! Friends got to wear some of my old favorites and I got theirs!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      That is a good idea – a clothing swap. Unfortunately, I hoard my clothes. I pack them away and years down the line, I’ll unpack and “shop” my closet.

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    Thanks again Madalynne!! Seriously thanks so much.

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      Maddie Flanigan


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    Heya girl, must feel good to get all cleansed! That’s the hardest thing about moving, I think–all that rifling and sorting through a whole life of memories. It’s very emotional but it makes things go ten times longer than you thought it would, right? I like reminders of myself of seasons and years past, because then I can see how I’ve grown or how I’m at my core not so different than I used to be.

    Good tip on boxing away clothes, though. I had a friend of mine come over and help me go through my entire closet. We made 3 sections: wear now, store for a year and then be surprised later, and give away. It really helped me get a lot more objective about how much I don’t wear.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      What a great tip for boxing clothes. I love that! I’m not kidding when I say that the when the next purge comes, I will do this.

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    Bekuh Browning

    I totally know how you feel. Though I’m one to clean out regularly, things like sketchbooks & journals linger for years and I find myself flipping through them whenever I’m deep cleaning our space. It’s sweet to look back, but good to know you’re moving forward.

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    It is always fun cleaning and going down memory lane. I guess that we all grow and change over time, it would be nice to hold on to those things that we did that were special that we don’t do anymore.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      It’s a nice reminder of who I was and who I still am. It was really fun to see how my style has changed but not my passion for the hobby.

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    I think the best part of cleaning is finding all the almost forgotten memories that were buried. I, too, have an insane pile of sketches from my school years and I when I find them, I always wonder why I stopped sketching as much as I did back then.

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    I like cleaning and organizing often, it gives me a great feeling. I mostly spent my week catching up on things like work, projects and even blogs.

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