P22516811 Weekend

How was your week my loves? Good? Bad? So-so? Eh? Just blah? Tell me about it…

Not even seven days after suffering from a gastrointestinal infection (it was so yucky and even more horrible) I came down with the flu and strep throat. Can you believe it? Being infected with both a viral and a bacterial infection at the same time was no fun, no fun at all. But I’m glad to say that I ended the week pretty close to normalcy and will try to keep it (normalcy) hanging around this weekend. What will I be up to? Lots of normal stuff. I’ll continue to sew my dress, grade a couple of patterns, dinner with an old friend in NYC, write some cool posts for the coming weeks, read too many articles, and make a couple of pit stops to Redbox (you must, must, must see this movie now if you haven’t yet).

So that I don’t bore you with my normalcy, here are a couple of things I really loved this week….

I’m in love with this skirt Tilly made. The fabric is from IKEA which makes it that more amazing.

It’s so fun to see how someone transforms an inspiration into their own interpretation. See how Lady Danburry did such this.

I’m in love with this car, does anyone want to buy it for me?

If you can’t afford the car, I understand, but at least buy me one of these watches from Kate Spade (pretty please?).

I’m not the only one with a liking for slopers. Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch has a great post on what a block or sloper is and its definition (her definition is even better than mine!)

Lastly, check out my new favorite fabric and yarn store. It’s cute, quaint, and oh-so-lovely. Thanks Rochelle!

Are you in the mood for soup? If so, you must make this one (and have deviled eggs as a side). The recipe is compliments of Matchbox Kitchen, an old and still favorite blog of mine.