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Weekend: A Spring Dress + Favorite Links from the Sewing Web


Every sewer has that project he or she knows is going to be a stunner from first stitch. I love and wear the heck out of Aurora Grace, Orla Madison, Carter Rae and most of my other me-mades, but when I put on Cora Gwendolyn, I feel like diamonds. Oh, wait, maybe it’s the bedazzled collar?! Well, I have one of those project on my sewing table right now. It hasn’t been smooth sailing since the beginning – I had to recut the lining last night after it shrunk majorly while pressing and steaming (I pre-washed, but didn’t put it in the dryer). The fabric has the most magnificent selvedge, which I used as a trim in the collar and the hem. See above. I’ll be finishing this weekend and hopefully sharing soon after. As I come close to finishing, I’m thinking about what to name her. Indigo Miller?

I really enjoy reading other bloggers weekly round ups – it’s a great way to find other blogs – so I’m going to continue the trend I started a couple week’s ago and list my favorite posts recently.

Sallie turn 30-years-old. Happy, happy birthday pretty lady! I hope I look as good as you in 3 years.

I opened a shop on Etsy! I’ll have more details next week, but I’m hoping it’s a better location for my sewing-inspired prints than Society6.

Beverly Johnson released another class on Crafsty, Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques. I haven’t taken it, but the women on the Bra Making Forum say that it’s a great resource for bra makers wanting to take their skills to the next level.

Tasha made a tweed Cascade duffle coat.

Jenny gives a glimpse into her sewing space. Take a peek as there are a lot of tools and tips that can help any level sewer.

Her smile is infectious and so is Sally’s happy whale dress.


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    Aw, thanks lady!! And your new project looks magnificent! Can’t wait to see it in all its finished glory!

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    Diane A

    Hi Maddie,
    I notice that all the blog winners are younger sewers. I’m thinking about starting a blog – I’m 55. Do you think there is interest in the mid-age crowd for a sewing blog?

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      Jenny Cashmerette

      Hi Diane – there a bunch of more mature bloggers you should check out – Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, Goodbye Valentino, Communing with Fabric to name but a few!

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        I agree! Age does not matter in the blog world. Jenny listed some of my favorites, but another one is Organizing Pandora’s Box (link below). Shirley just started blogging and she’s proof that you can start at any age. I can give you her contact information for you to talk with her, or you can find it on her website.


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          Diane A

          Thanks Maddie. I will just go for it and see what happens. I really love your blog – content, design, look and feel. It’s great.

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    Jenny Cashmerette

    Thanks for sharing, Maddie!

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      Thank you for sharing as well!

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