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Weekend: Behind the Scenes of My Bra Making Class

bramaking low res

A picture will say, “I sew,” while a video will say much more. Spectators have to spend time watching a video – there’s no choice about it – and they have to spend time to see if it’s worth watching or not. If still photography is instant, then video is super-instant. Just click it and let it roll. And after the record button is pressed, the ability to control the process is lost, unlike still photography where a scene can be manipulated post shooting. See why I was fretting over the filming of my online bra making class? So much pressure!

Not too long ago, I filmed my bra making class at my studio, Madalynne Studios. While I’m comfortable being in front of a lens, throwing video into the mix was a total game changer. At first, I was stiff and sounded scripted, but my nerves were soothed after a few takes, thanks to my videographer, Karl, who coached me on acting naturally. It took about 12 hours to film and after talking and being on my feet all day, I was exhausted. It was a wonderful first experience though as I accomplished two things. The first was that through this video, I am giving back… giving back the knowledge I have learned to fellow sewers. As I evolve as a seamstress, it’s important to me that I help the sewers I once was, and give them a helping hand so they can get to where I am today. The second thing I accomplished was an exercise on teaching. While I’ve taught a handful of times, I’ve never held a class in this format or for this duration. So, it was a great trial run of my soon-to-be announced, in-person bra making class here in Philadelphia (email me if you’re interested in attending!). While there was a lot more I wanted to cover and talk about in each clip – there’s just so much to learn about bra making! –  each student will receive a takeaway that expands it further. It will be a great addition to an awesome visual tutorial on how to make a full band, cross cup seamed bra, and it will be a permanent resource students can reference again and again.

So here are some behind the scenes shots from the day of filming. If you’re interested in signing up, check out my class and more at thesewingparty.com. I promise, it will be fun. Come on, how could we not have fun? I’m wearing lace! Hillary Clinton has her pant suits and I have my lace.

bramaking_with_madalynne (11 of 13) bw low resbramaking_with_madalynne (2 of 13) low resbramaking_with_madalynne (1 of 13) low res bramaking_with_madalynne (3 of 13)bramaking_with_madalynne (8 of 13) low resbramaking_with_madalynne (4 of 13) low resbramaking_with_madalynne (13 of 13) low resbramaking_with_madalynne (12 of 13) low respost_footer_the_sewing_party


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    Elizabeth Bradford

    it makes me very sad that the first sewing party is not open to international viewers – I want to see this! You look gorgeous and that bra makes me want to make a copy!

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    Helen Cloke

    Yes I would have loved to have taken this class but don’t live in the US. Oh well, something to look forward to next time around perhaps. One of my New Years resolutions is to learn to sew lingerie and so far I’ve only made one bra muslin….I could have done with this help!

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    I am SO excited to be attending the Sewing Party. Your class is one that I am most excited about. I can’t wait to learn!

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    I want to read the words but I’m so distracted by all the beautiful lace I just keep going back to the photos, haha! Congrats on surviving being filmed, it’s definitely strange!

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    Beautiful shots, I would love to see the video! So great that you are. Sharing your knowledge!!

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    Carole Lovesey

    I was so excited to find your blog and hear about the Sewing Party, and then – like others – gutted to find that we can’t see it if we’re outside the US. I’m hoping they might change their minds/find a way to do it.

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    I too am really disappointed to find out that this won’t be available to international viewers. Do you know if a DVD will be compiled and sold afterwards? It would be so wonderful if this was the case!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Rika – I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that next year, it will be open internationally. Big bummer!

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