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Weekend: I Bought Another Wedding Dress

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I bought another wedding dress. Wait! I have an explanation, and a licit one too!

Now, when I tell people that I own not one, not two, but three wedding dresses, I get an eyes-wide-open stare, and sometimes a large gulp after as they catch their breath. Then I tell them my reasoning. You see, I’m a seamstress and in my mind, wedding dresses are the epitome of sewing. The fabrics are the highest quality (usually), and the trimming and embellishments are ultra feminine and glittery. “Give a girl the right shoes, and she’ll conquer the world,” is what Marilyn Monroe said. No, Ms. (or Mrs. – depending on what year) Marilyn… give a girl some glitter, and she’ll conquer the world. I don’t mean actual glitter, like the tiny specks that reflect light, I mean glitter in the sense that the gown makes a brilliant show. It shines. A wedding gown is a piece of artwork that I regard as high as a painting or a sculpture. And why not? Just as much time is put into making a wedding dress as any other piece of artwork. There’s both machine and hand sewing involved in the construction, and there is such a deep connection between a bride and her dress. That’s why I waited in line at BHLDN’s sample sale in Philly last weekend, and that’s why this gorgeous gown will the newest addition to my collection. Men collect cars, and I collect wedding dresses. Not such a bad addiction hobby, right?

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    Natasha Estrada

    No worries. I got to Vegas every year at xmas to celebrate my wedding anniversary. When it’s your time you can do that too and visit Elvis so you can wear them all. No biggie.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian. Seriously.

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        My question is, “Is it your size, does it really fit you?” So when Prince Charming comes knocking, you’ll be ready to throw on one of the 3 dresses, grab your shoes, glitter, and head for City Hall! lol

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          Maddie Flanigan

          Yes! All are my size; no alterations needed 🙂

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        Natasha Estrada

        Says the lady who has more wedding dresses than marriages lol. Do you remember that scene in friends where they sit round wearing wedding dresses and drinking beer?

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          Maddie Flanigan

          Yes! And do you remember the scene in Sex and The City where Carrie breaks out in hives when she puts on a gown. For as many dresses I have , that’s totally me.

          • Natasha Estrada

            I never watched much Sex and the City. Always found Carrie too neurotic and I’m not a NYC fan but hey I like LA in the greatest city in the world.

          • Maddie Flanigan

            Don’t like Sex and The City?! What?!? Friends was set there!

          • Natasha Estrada

            But filmed in the NBC lots in beautiful Burbank CA.

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    Bec Stitches

    It’s gorgeous! 🙂

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    Its beautiful!

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    Wow it’s so so pretty! You could rent them out!

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    Craft Sanctuary

    I LOVE this dress…definitely one of my favorite BHLDN gowns. I’d probably buy one too 🙂

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    Ahhhh it’s SO beautiful – I can totally understand your desire to purchase them! I recently bought my wedding dress and even though I know it’s, “the one”, I CANT STOP shopping for more!

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    Emily Baker

    oh how i love their wedding wedding gowns!!!

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    That’s a cool one…and I agree with your reasoning.

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    Very nice 🙂 I have two wedding dresses (from my wedding three and a half years ago). I absolutely love them both and could never part with them. They are very different in style (one 70’s, one 40’s) but both suit me and my style.

    Collecting dresses…..why not?! 🙂 I look forward to seeing your collection grow.

    KnittyNora xx

    P.s. Did you pick a winner for the sewing tattoos? 🙂

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Yes, I picked a winner! Because of the positive response, Pepper Ink listed more in her shop in case you want to buy a pack.

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        Oops…I missed that announcement 🙂
        I’ll pop over and check out the Pepper Ink page today.

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    Jennifer Phillips

    It looks beautiful!!! You should do a post with you wearing them!

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    Amanda Russell

    Oh the hem of that dress is so delightful!!! No one could blame you for scooping it up! 🙂 Now, please teach us all how to make one of these scrumptious dresses!! ^___^

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    Carlee McTavish

    I agree with Amanda, that hem is stunning.

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    i think your reasons for multiple wedding gowns are completely rational. you should buy a couple more.

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    It’s freaking stunning! I think you may have just awoken in me a wedding dress addiction.

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