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Weekend: Bra Workshop This Weekend!


The weekend I have been waiting for a long time is finally here. Tomorrow, I will be teaching 10 wonderful women how to make a full band bra from start to finish in an 8-hour workshop. I’m equal parts nervous and excited. As seems to be the case with a lot of sewers, I’m hard on myself and my work. When I first thought to teach a workshop, I questioned whether I know enough about bra making. While I am not as good a as Amy, Novita or Anne, I know more than someone who knows nothing. If I can help them make the jump into bra making, which they might not have the courage to do without my guidance, I think that’s enough reasoning.  So, today’s post will be brief because I’m off trawling Philadelphia with Lauren, who is in town for the workshop, and helping me prepare for the big day. I hope you have a great weekend with lots of sewing. Be sure to tune into tomorrow’s fun on my Instagram.



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    Lola (lovelola)

    can’t wait!

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      See you soon, chica!

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    Good luck Maddie! You’ll do great! And have fun! Totally wish I could be there!

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    Have fun!

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    I have no doubt you will be fantastic! Have a great time!

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    Hope your not planning to put horse hair canvas into the the bra ;D

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      Hell no! I was in a mad rush to fit that bra one morning and grabbed the first fabric scrap I saw, which was hair canvas. Probably the stupidest choice considering their stretch percentages! Oops!

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        Maybe the hair canvas can be for naughty students.

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    Stacia | Paper Swallow Events

    I hope you’ll share a recap of how the class went! I loved your photos on Instagram!

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      Of course! It’s coming this week!

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