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Weekend: Bulk Vs Frequent Shopper + Update on Mishka


The planning phase is over. I thought about color, fit and silhouettes, and I thought about my current and aspirational closet, specifically how they will go together. Now, it’s time to build – to sew and to shop the wardrobe that, with the help of Sarai and her series, I created. It surprises people when I tell them I don’t shop a lot; maybe three times a year with one to two spurts in between out of necessity (boots wore out or purse broke) or when I visit my dad (we’re great shopping buddies). But, when I shop those those few occurrences, I go all out, purchasing an entire season worth of clothing including undies, home decor and bedding. I started doing this when I entered the 9-5 life and had less time to shop. I hated it at first, but after many seasons, it has turned out that this is a very effective way to create a cohesive closet. I can honestly say that it takes me less than 5 minutes to put an outfit together in the morning because everything goes together.

So for spring, this is what I bought. The items from Anthropologie are my investment pieces, but they are lifetime garments  (I still own and wear the dress I wore to my high school graduation). Overall, I think my choices are me and will last me well into summer, probably fall. What do you think? Also, do you shop this way, or are you a more frequent shopper? If so, why?

And what is that you see above? Oh, just snippets of a work in progress.

Last, I received news this week that Mishka is on the mend. She’s without a gallbladder and a spleen, but hey, she’s alive and on the road to recovery. Man, she’s a trooper. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.



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    So glad to hear that Mishka is doing better! 🙂

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    The Tiny Tailoress

    I’m impressed to see your shopping dutties are so rare and your closet so efficient to dress in the morning ! I am very far from that, but like you, I’ve started think about clothes differently and how I can get the perfect wardrobe, between what I sew and what I’d buy… It took me a long time to start planning it properly but now I feel like I’m headed the right direction. :-). I wrote about it here > http://thetinytailoress.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/the-perfect-wardrobe-en/.
    Can’t wait to see your finished bra… ;-P

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    Lucinda Campbell

    I like your shopping style! This year, I’m trying to cut back on my shopping and not buy any RTW clothes except the branded clothes I need to buy from the company I work for (need to wear our stuff when I go on sales calls). I can’t wait to see what your sewn wardrobe looks like!

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    The Nerdy Seamstress

    Since I started sewing, I haven’t shopped at all. I know I’m in dire need of new undies and bras. I’m planning on making my own undies, but I’m scared of bras. I think you’re shopping is very efficient use of time. If I were to shop, I would want to buy investment pieces and not clothes that are cheap in both price and quality.

    I’m glad to hear Mishka is doing better!

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    Thanks for the update, I’m glad she’s getting better!

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    SBCC Patterns

    I’m with ya on the lack of shopping time, but when I do get the chance I love it for the thrill of a new discovery. Practical shopping is never very fun.

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