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Weekend: Christmas Ornament Edition


full of excitement. First of all, all the ornaments from the ornament exchange that I participated in (thank you Kelli of True Bias for putting it together) arrived.  My tree is slim and trim – only about yay high – but with all eight ornaments hung, it was nice and plump. The smell of the tree and the faint glimmer of the twinkling lights have made my nights at home this past week sparkle. Another thank you goes out to SonjaMikaSuzanneMirandaMeganJenDixie, the other ladies who participated in the exchange.

Secondly, as you read this, I’m en route to the Land of Oz – Ft. Lauderdale (my hometown) – for Christmas. I got my ruby red slippers on (more like Wellies – it’s raining here in Philly) and I’m on the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy’s headed back to Kansas y’all. I’ve been packed since Monday and I’m so excited to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in years and my family who I miss dearly. Two days after Christmas is my birthday and I’m throwing one killer bash at my dad’s new restaurant. To add to this, I’m meeting up with Anto to discuss future collaborations and I’m collaborating with a friend, a photographer, and a stylist to shoot some of my me-made bras and undies that I’ve been hiding from you. Are you excited?

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    You bet! I am soooo excited.

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    have a great holiday maddie! and a very happy birthday! i’m looking forward to seeing your new creations 🙂

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      Maddie Flanigan

      They’re good! I even impressed myself!

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    Your ornaments are so adorable, I love the tiny jacket! Have a wonderful and joyous holiday with your family in Florida!

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      and have a very Happy Birthday!

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    Natasha Estrada

    So pretty. We never have a tree since we are always in Vegas

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    Have such a fun trip home! (We took a weekend vacation to Ft. Lauderdale two years ago and it was heavenly. Of course we went between the hotel and the beach, etc. But what a beautiful place to call home!) I wish you a magical Christmas season! xoxo

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      Maddie Flanigan

      So far, it’s been magical. I still have 5 days left and I can’t wait to see how much better it could get!

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    The little jacket is just the cutest. Have fun in ‘Kansas’ for the holidays! 😉

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    Sarah Welsch

    love the ornaments! Adorable!



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