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Weekend: Is it Too Early to Think About Sewing in 2015?


Describing the function of fashion school, Nicolas Ghesquière was quoted: “It’s a time for pure experimentation — for pure research, to refine your perspective and to create things and to materialize things as an exercise.” Having never attended design school, Ghesquière considered his stint at Balenciaga as a long learning curve similar to that of a college or uni student. He “graduated” Balenciaga in 2012 and recently took the reigns at Louis Vuitton as Artistic Director.

It might be too early for some, but not for me – with the end of the year approaching, I’ve been thinking about how to end 2015, how to pat myself on the back for the goals I achieved, how to move on from the goals that were never accomplished, and how to compile a list a reasonable goals for the new year. As I’ve been tallying all this up in my head, I feel the same sentiments as Ghesquière – that the past 8 years of my sewing career and the past 2 1/2 years as a sewing blogger have been pure experimentation. In 2012, I made about 5 garments, most of which were occasional pieces. A dress for a friend’s wedding and another dress for… who needs an excuse or an occasion for polka dots?

Until this year, I couldn’t grasp how other sewers did it. How the hell did they make an entire wardrobe (or close to it) of me-made clothing? Alcohol? Fairy dust? Bribery? If I could only have a few sips of Lauren’s Kool-Aid, I could whip up tees, dresses and more just as fast and fashionable. Maybe it was Sarai’s The Wardrobe Architect or maybe it was the inspiration from other sewers, but this year, I finally feel like I got my style and sewing figured out. I feel like I have this whole handmade life on lockdown. At least somewhat. I developed 5 core silhouettes that are now the foundation pieces of my me-made wardrobe and I’m well on my way to doing the same for my lingerie wardrobe. While I occasionally make things for an occasion, I focus more on these three things – is it wearable every day, is it fashionable, and is it uniquely me?

I’m still not set my goals for 2015 – it flutters back and forth daily. But living relatively sizeable handmade life no longer seems like a far off, unachievable goal. Who knows, maybe I’ll make 100 garments next year. Beat that, Lauren!

Are you a major planner and already thinking about your sewing in 2015?

Also, there is a lot of announcements, changes and exciting things happening on the blog the next two weeks – sewing inspired art prints, sewing inspired gift wrap, a new website and the announcement of my in-person bra making workshops! Stay tuned.


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    I’m already thinking about 2015, but I still need to lock down my silhouettes and make a plan. Out of everything in my closet I am still drawn to the things I have made this year (I’m typing this in a me-made sweatshirt). The goal of having almost everything in my wardrobe made by me doesn’t seem so scary. Definitely something to think about.

    Thanks for keeping those wheels turning!

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    Thanks for another great post!

    I have already planned (I think I may be an over-planner!?) out my 2015 goals for sewing and other areas in my life. I really never set goals in January since my birthday is in November, my goals usually go from November to November each year. This year I am focusing on re-working my wardrobe into mostly handmade and the process of just making/being creative everyday is a big chunk of accomplishing that goal. Each month I am making mini-goals to help me get to the big goals. 2015 is filled with promise and excitement, challenges to be met and goals to be accomplished, oh, the anticipation of it all!

    I look forward to seeing where 2015 takes you on your sewing path!

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    I’m quite a slow sewer, so am always in awe of blogs and sewers that are capable of such speedy sewing! Being a slower sewer though means that I tend to plan out my projects well in advance; if I know what I’m making next, I somehow find it easier to finish my current project. My main goals for 2015 are to make my way through my fabric stash, and to also become a little more adventurous and try out a few new techniques. Fingers crossed!

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    I have always admired the care and time you take with each lovely garment – each one perfectly suits your style and figure, and embodies elements and personal touches which are uniquely you. While I WISH I could churn out garments at the speed of light, it’s just not me – so each year I try to learn a little more about what suits me, and to develop my fitting and finishing skills a little more so my makes will be a little more carefully perfect each time – like yours 🙂

    I do have 2015 makes planned out already, mainly because I have a project that I’ll be working on which I’m giving myself several months to get just right 🙂

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    New Model Lamé

    I always have a flexible list of projects to complete in my head but it very rarely translates into action. I have been planning more for what I want to make next year and to try and have some cohesion in my wardrobe.

    That said there is always space in my life for a fun sundress, who doesn’t have time for that once in a while?

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with and the changes to your site.

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    Kat @ House of Lane

    I am a major planner! I’m already writing my list of goals for 2015. I also want to start putting together a capsule wardrobe mood board to inspire me through the year. It’s never too early to plan I say!

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    debbie iles

    I always have a running list of things I need to make in my head. I don’t make lists on paper (although I should…) but as soon as I think of something I make a pile of pattern/fabric on my sewing table. So my head list becomes my sewing table pile. I’m probably already thinking about some things that will be sewn in 2015, but I think my planning is seasonal rather than annual. I have three little peeps wardrobes to think of as well as my own! I also started the year with a very scant wardrobe, having moved overseas, so I spent a large part of the year doing lots of fast sewing. It’s nice to slow down again and experiment with more involved projects.

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    It’s definitely not too early! I have a lineup of future projects, broken down by season, that I’m constantly adjusting (and constantly paring down — I’m not a fast sewer either). I’m also usually analyzing the success of items I’ve made; like you, I’ve been using the Wardrobe Architect and other blogs to figure out what works for me. But all the planning really does help me get the most out of my time…

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