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Weekend: Happy 4th of July

old city, philadelphia

Here is the United States, today is a national holiday, the 4th of July. The celebration of our country’s birth. Since Philadelphia was the capital at one time, it’s a big deal. Big. The city throws the largest free concert in America with artists like The Roots, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Aloe Blacc and Ariana Grande performing. Since moving to Philly four years ago, I’ve been on the west side of town, which means traversing to Center City would be a nightmare. Not just for parking reasons, but my make-up would melt well before I arrived. Major problem. This year, I moved and I’m right in the thick of things. I’m one, two, five blocks at most from free fireworks, music and food. Why go anywhere when everything is right here? So that’s what I’ll be doing, wandering abouts my new hood, splorin’. But don’t you worry, I won’t let my sewing machines collect too much dust this weekend. Polka dot crepe de chine and forest green wool are calling my name. Rhinestones too.

I haven’t shown you much of my new stomping grounds, so I leave with with a few snaps of where I now live. Betsy Ross and I live on the same block, and if she were still alive, we’d be best buds (she was a seamstress). A killer coffee shop, Café Ole, sits at the end of my block and art galleries, vintage shops, small markets, pharmacies, restaurants and boutiques line my streets. Living here, I feel like Dorothy at the end of Wizard of Oz. Home.

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    Your father

    It’s not Kansas, it’s better!
    Love you Maddie
    Happy 4th
    Your proud father

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Love you, Brain.

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    Andrea B

    Ooh, I wondered where you moved. Old City seems like a great place to live. More restaurants and “things to do” than in West Philly but still with enough trees. Enjoy your new hood.

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    Happy 4th! 🙂

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    Happy 4th, Maddie! Hope you enjoyed your day! Very jealous of your new digs, I loved hanging around Old City in my Philly days!
    Also, guess what my killjoy of a husband told me yesterday? That Betsy Ross actually DIDN’T sew the American flag!!?!? I was shocked! Apparently, according to Nick, it was just one of those weird rumors that got started by, like, a great-great-grandson or something, and it just stuck! I usually trust Nick on these matters, since he’s a bit of an unofficial scholar on all things American History, but I wish he wouldn’t have rained on the parade of our nations ONE celebrated seamstress!! Ha! But anyway, American flag or not, she clearly was gifted with a needle and thread, and it’s pretty awesome that you’re living in her ‘hood. Good sewing juju for sure!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      No!!! Don’t spoil the tale! Regardless of what Nick says, can we pretend like we never heard it and go about the rest of our lives thinking Betsy was the seamstress of the American flag? 🙂

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