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Weekend: Jamesapalooza


Hemingway advised us not to think about work in progress between leaving the desk and returning to it. Tis true. Our best work is rarely the result of direct thought; too much brooding spoils and tarnishes.

My mojo boomerangs between full force and total recharge. This year, I’ve noticed that I can work 6 weeks straight, weekends included, but at that point, I need a break. Luckily, my weekend of rest comes at just the right time. This Saturday, my brother, James, will host Jamesapalooza, a giant shindig celebrating his day of birth. Now, I know Marce will have words over the naming of said party – Jamesapalooza versus Oonapallooza? – in which I will say, I love you both equally.

So, until Monday, I’ll be in Florida. I have jam packed my calendar with absolutely nothing, and will spend every second with my favorite dudes – my brothers and my father. While I’m gone, I ask of one thing. Take care of the sewing world for me, will ya?

As a wise seamstress once said, see you on the other side of the needle!



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    Weroni Ka

    Have an awesome time 🙂 I think I need a short break from sewing too. Need to think about it.

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    That’s so not me – when I’m working on sthg. I’m thinking about it constantly, which is really exhausting sometimes. Have a great time with your family!

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    Enjoy family time. It’s so previous x

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    everyone needs a palooza!

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    Have fun! Family time is the best for recharging!

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    Have fun and enjoy your down time!

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