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Weekend: My Favorite Links from the Sewing Web


Winter is in full force and I’ve been moving at a pace just as strong. I don’t feel overwhelmed; now is the time to hunker down. Once temperatures get warmer, I know I will want to step outside and away from an intense schedule. I’ll do so when the time comes, but for now, work, work, work… sew, sew, sew! This week, I updated the workshop page (next workshop dates coming soon!), updated the Best Sewing Blogs 2015 page, started discussing new printing/shipping for my sewing-inspired photos (hopefully, I’ll have an exciting announcement really soon), sewed more bras (I’ll be sharing them next week – preview above), dove into the world of handmade thongs (ooh lala!), and started a muslin for a dress. Whoah! I sound like a super woman. I swear I’m not. I don’t have a DD chest.

So as I get back to work, I’ll leave you with my favorite links from the sewing web as well as some snippets from my personal life:

The bra making bug has hit the UK. Tilly made her first bra! Woot woot!

I witnessed Sage chase his tale for a good five minutes before he realized, “Holy shit, it’s attached to my body!

A fabulous documentary of Yohi Yamamoto. His philosophy of fame and money is on point.

I love Renee’s attention to fit and flattering; her new knit wrap maxi is a great look for her, IMOH.

Six sewing hacks with masking tape. Thanks Portia!



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    Thanks for the mention! I think you secretly are superwoman though 😉 Px

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      You are too sweet!

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    Not quite sure how you reach the conclusion that the bra making bug has hit the UK on the basis of Tilly making one bra. If you bothered to do some research you would actually discover that bra making has been popular with many sewists in the UK ( and indeed other parts of the world) for a few years now since specialist bra making supplies became readily available.

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