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Weekend: Lots of Good Things Are to Come


I could update you on my week, but do you see what is staring at you above? A freaking beaded Peter Pan collar! I couldn’t sleep last Friday, the night before I made a day trip to NYC to see and meet a group of awesome sewing ladies, so I started beading at 2 in the morning, and continued during the bus ride up and back. Figuring out the layout so the design would be a mirror image on both sides was tough, but lightly gluing them in place was where time racked up. Lightly fixing them using Aleene’s glue made sewing so much easier because I didn’t have to worry that I was sewing them in the right place and/or at the right angle. So, this weekend, I will be photographing this baby as well as the matching shorts I made to go with them. Yeh, that’s right, a matching polka dot short and top set with rhinestones!

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    Melody Murdock

    So fantastic! I just love the gems with the fabric print.

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    Megan Nielsen

    Oh Maddie that is looking so ridiculously pretty!! I have been dying to see the finished product – every time i see i tiny sneak peek i freak out. My brain is literally screaming “BEADING!!!” “PETER PAN COLLAR” “POLKA DOTS” “NEED NOW” etc etc. So yeah, really looking forward to seeing the big reveal hehehe

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I know, those three combined have created one freaking amazing outfit!

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    It’s beautiful 🙂 Beading like this is something I’d really like to try one day!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      And making my wedding dress is something I’d like to do one day as well!

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    Sassy T

    Wow!! This looks gorgeous

    SSB. https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees

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    Looks amaaazing. Can’t wait to see the ensemble 🙂


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    Jess Z

    You inspire me. It’s beautiful! Looking forward to the big reveal! 🙂

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      Maddie Flanigan

      And my readers inspire me.

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    Kirsty Splatt


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    Oh wow, your beading is beautiful! I can’t wait to see the final reveal

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    i saw this in-progress last week and cannot wait to see the entire thing!

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    Ping Mathre

    omg I looove this! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!!

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    Wow girl, I love it so much!!! The layout of the beads is beautiful!

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    Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    You had me at beaded peter pan collar, but polka dot short and top with rhinestones!!! Squeeee!!! I’m in love!

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    You’re so brave to take beads onto a bus! I can’t keep them from going everywhere even when I’m sitting perfectly still on my couch, haha!
    Seriously, this is amazing. You’re so inspiring.

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    Amanda Russell

    I always want to hug you when you post pictures of sparkly beading… it totally makes my day – it’s so PRETTY!!!! I’m excited to see you using that beloved fabric of yours too – can’t wait to see the final thing! 🙂

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    Pauline alice

    I can’t wait to see the final outfit! This is going to be AMAZING!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Epic was the word I was thinking

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    Amy Powell

    I am so excited to see the final look of this I’m jumping up and down! Making a shorts play suit has been in my dreams for a while now!!

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    This looks gorgeous Maddie, can’t wait to see how it will turn out!

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    This is awesome! Love the sneak peek photo 🙂

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