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Weekend: Me Made May Week 1 Recap


I’m not a big user of Twitter and do you want to know why? Because it gets peopleΒ into trouble! The urgency to respond and the lack of thought expressed in 140 characters or less results in commitments, prognostications and prophecies that in hindsight, make you grind your teeth or bite your nails. Call me old school, but I like reading and writing complete sentences; commas and capitalization are hot in my opinion.

Last week, I told you that for the first time, I signed up for Me Made May. Also in that post, I confessed that because I don’t like taking selfies, I probably would document it. The funny one of the sewing bunch (seriously, she’ll make your stomach hurt), Sonja encouraged a couple Instagram shots of myself. Stupid me didn’t think, went on Twitter and agreed. “Okay, okay… maybe I’ll do a couple IG posts for MMM. I totally blame you though,” was my exact tweet. Jen even jumped in on the conversation and agreed that I should “totally gram it out.” So here I am, wearing a 2013 me-made and taking a photo of myself. Take that Jen and Sonja!

Jokes aside, even after a week of participating, I now know why so many seamstresses join. It’s illuminating! It forced me to go into my closet and identify why I wasn’t wearing a few me-made garments. Most needed a hem. Seriously, what was I thinking in 2013 with all the below the knee dresses and skirts? I have long legs – show them off, Maddie!

So, happy Friday and happy Me Made May!


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    Yay for MMM!! I was THIS CLOSE to participating this year – it is really good for examining your wardrobe.

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    I’m so glad you’re selfie-ing! I’m nosy and want to see your outfits! But isn’t it totally enlightening to see what works in your wardrobe and what doesn’t? Sometimes I just need to think outside the box with my styling to get something to work. I love love love this dress and I’m so glad to see you wearing it!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      So glad you got me into it. Thanks Sonja!

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    this is the most artsy selfie i’ve ever seen.

    it IS illuminating! bobbins & whimsy had a great tip up yesterday— keep post it notes by your closet & stick one up whenever you find yourself wishing you had xxxx to go with that pair of pants.

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      Such a good idea, I think I might copy that – especially since I have a totally unchecked post it note addiction.

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        Maddie Flanigan

        Marce, what a great idea! Thanks for passing on the tip!

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    i’d say we all owe jen and sonja big thank-you for getting you to participate πŸ™‚

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    Dude, you’re killing it with that selfie. Honestly I hate the term selfie, hate taking them, and also hate not being able to write with proper punctuation etc. but I’m trying to get more into twitter. Anyway glad we got you joined in!

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    Ally Design Rewind Fashions

    Such an adorable photo! And I love that post-it note idea. I’m going to use that one!

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    I like how you do it your way! I’ve been taking baby steps into Instagram, but I have just not mastered the art of self-phone photography. Or hashtags, which are starting to make me a bit crazy trying to follow.

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