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Weekend: My New Life with (Two) Cats

I adopted not one, but two kittens – Basil and Sage. Basil is pictured above and Sage has a white nose and paws pictured below.

Basil and Sage were rescued from the Philly streets around Thanksgiving. Gosh, that sounds like the beginning of a sad, sappy novel! I found them through a local organization, City Kitties, that I had been following on Facebook. They described Basil as the more chill kitty of the two, so I originally inquired about him. When I visited their foster home, his brother, Sage, was a rambunctious little rascal. I changed my mind and submitted the adoption papers for him. When I visited their foster home a second time, I could see they had grown close. I didn’t want to separate them, but I also didn’t want to be labeled as a cat lady. Cost was something to consider too. With the help of peer pressure from a few friends, I caved and brought both home. Best.decision.ever! They’re compandres, two of a kind. They chase after one another, sleep next to each other and even call for one another. Too cute.

My life hasn’t changed much. This wasn’t a life altering moment. Rather, these two fellas enhanced my life. They’re goofy and inquisitive. They think my closet is the coolest maze. They’re favorite toy, a small, plastic ball that jingles, annoys the hell out of me, but makes me laugh when I see them chase it. They’ve scratched my couch a few times, and I put them in their place by using a blow horn to scare the bejesus out of them. Thanks Lauren for the tip. I showed them who’s boss real quick. They’re not into my sewing supplies, which is a blessing, but they are into my shower. I thought cats didn’t like water? And the photo ops are endless! I won’t become that girl who starts an Instagram account for her pets.

After two weeks away from my machine and sewing because of my bra workshop and settling in with these fellas, I’m back at this weekend. It feels so good. I’m excited.

Stay tuned next week for the results of the Best Sewing Blogs 2015!



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    Vicki Maiorano

    Too cute! Our cat scratches everything!!!! Except the scratching posts. Haven’t tried a horn.

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    Congratulations! I have been involved with Citty Kitties for the last few years and they are an awesome orginization

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      They were very nice from the start and it was a seamless adoption process.

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    What sweet babies and what lovely photos – and it’s great that they have enhanced your life. That’s what cats do … until they end up taking over your life and become the bosses! haha.

    Rae | love from berlin

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    Alecia Boucher

    What lovely little babies! They look so full of energy and personality. Animals are the most beautiful life enhancing thing. Its so good to hear that they have a loving home finally 🙂

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    Oh how sweet! Adopting both kitties was DEFINITELY the right choice! Two kitties are actually way easier than one, I think, because they can entertain each other. We just adopted two brother kittens at work to help keep the rodent population down and to be fierce security cats – well mostly we’ve all just been dying over their cuteness and keep cuddling them – but the two of them are SO much easier to handle than my cat was when I brought him home solo. Anyway, I feel like I’ve been in kitty heaven the past few weeks, too, so I’m right there with ya! So glad to hear your little gentlemen have brought so much joy to your life.

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      What a coincidence that you just adopted 2 as well!

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    awfully nice

    I love that you used the airhorn! Isn’t it great? Hopefully your neighbors aren’t mad 😉 Your cats are ADORABLE and the pictures of them are awesome. Have fun! Did you get pet insurance?

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      Yes! I got pet insurance because I know that at some point, there will be an emergency.

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    Sarah Ashlock

    Yay for rescue kitties!

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    Linda Crawford

    Those are two cute kitties! I think you are safe – not a crazy cat lady – 5 or more is when you reach that status! I have a brother and sister and they really have brought so much joy into my life. You will never get tired of seeing them play together, sleep together or talk in their special language. I have thousands of pictures BTW. A couple of ideas for the scratching – put double sided tape on the corners of your furniture ( or wherever they scratch) They don’t like the sticky feel. A little spritz of water will stop them in their tracks too. And it is less noisy for your neighbours! My cats like a corrugated cardboard scratching post which lies on the floor. You can sprinkle cat nip in it for more kitty pleasure! Enjoy your kitties!

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      Thanks for the tip Linda!

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    Cats are funny. They have quirky personalities. Glad to hear you adopted two of them.
    They are so cute and they are very lucky to have you.

    Just a little a little tip for your regarding litter issues with number 1, some male cats like to pee quite high towards the back of the litter box. Issue is that some of the pee goes between the top and bottom of the litter box (where the top part snaps to the bottom part) and the pee ends up on the floor etc.
    I tried many things… newspaper, higher and bigger litter box but nothing really worked. Until one day, I decided to put paper towels between the top and bottom of litter box (middle is where the top snaps to bottom) and voila it works. I use two sets of two pieces of paper towels, I hanged half of the paper towels on inside the litter box and the other half hangs on the outside of the litter box. On a daily basis (or more) I change the paper towels and it works great.
    I thought paper towels were going to drive my cat Cumin crazy, but paper towel doesn’t bother him. So far… so good!

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    what sweeties. i’m glad you got two, it’s really the same workload as one. now, ask me about three…i was a crazy cat lady for, oh, about seven years…

    you might try spritzing orange essence where ever you don’t want them to scratch, most cats hate the smell!

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      Thank you for the tip lady!

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    Gaahhh! These two are sooo cute! Welcome to the kitty cat mom club – I adopted my cat Apollo from a rescue over 7 years ago and seeing your two reminds me of when he was just a wee kitten.

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    Stacia | Paper Swallow Events

    I love how you were uncertain about one and now you have two! I hope the three of you are very happy!

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    Gorgeous photos. Siblings grow up so wonderfully together. We have a few and they’re totally inseparable!

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    Aww, sweet kitties. 🙂

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    Nothing wrong with being a woman who shares her home with more than one cat! I wish people would let that stereotype go. Cats are wild beasts, great company and endless source of high drama. Enjoy.

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      Francesca a

      Second that! Good move to get two together:). I have never hd less than two and when we lived in our old house with a back garden we had at least 7….

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    Ways to keep your cats from scratching or off things… double sided tape or contact paper sticky side up and aluminum foil.

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