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Weekend: My Next Project

WEEKEND (1 of 1)

For some sewers, completing a jacket is a signifying moment. Combining both hand and machine sewing, a jacket takes at least an intermediate understanding of garment construction, so finishing one says, “I have arrived as a stitcher.” For me, what proclaims I have made it as a seamstress is sewing an entire outfit, including the the bra and undies. Just like a jacket, sewing both outer and under garments is evidence that I am not only a hobbyist, but a somewhat skilled one. So before I begin Pauline’s Ninot jacket using that amazing antique chenille brocade I won on Ebay, I have another project on the docket. One of the garments on my to-do list this year was a maxi skirt. I had a pattern picked out, but then Sewaholic released the Gabriola skirt. Total game changer. I’m not one to alter a schedule – if anything, it gives me major anxiety – but I had to knock my initial plan and replace it with Tasia’s maxi. And I’m not just making the skirt either, I’m coordinating the entire ensemble by constructing a blouse from fabric the wonderful Rachel gifted me, a bra and a pair of undies. Did I tell you I’m back into bra making after a short hiatus? I’ll save that for another day and another post.

And Natasha, I know what you’re going to say. I haven’t made the whole outfit if I didn’t make the shoes, right? For cripe’s sake… throw a dog a bone!

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    How exciting!… I haven’t made a bra and undies in a very long time. I think you have inspired me to begin again :0) Have a fun weekend… mari

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    House Of Pinheiro

    epic plans …. yeah happy sewing

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    I like a girl with a plan! Sounds great! Keep us updated!

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    The swimmer fabric is the best! Can’t wait to see this outfit!

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    What an awesome plan!

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    Lady ID

    Love the swimmer fabric. I’m one of those with the jacket accomplishment but mine was a coat. In my mind, I will feel I have “arrived” when I make a bridal gown.

    The Gabriola skirt is super popular. I usually draft my own but I am seriously thinking about buying it

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    Yay, can’t wait to see your blouse! Clare brought me some of the same lady swimmers fabric!

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      Jennifer, Workroom Social

      My fav print!

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    Amy Nicole

    I’m DYING over that synchronized swimmer fabric … please tell me thats your plan for the undies!

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    I second/third/fourth the envy of that swimming print! And the pretty dotted chenille fabric… gorgeous. A jacket is such a great challenge. I know you will have fun with it!

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    kriston lion

    I love sewing plans! Can’t wait to see!

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    Sarah Sew Love

    Where can one get their hands on this amazing swimmer print fabric?

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      It was gifted to me from a friend and I’m not sure where she got it.

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