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Weekend Round Up

weekend_06_12-1Whoa, June! How and why the hell did you creep up like that? Next thing you know, it will be July and I’ll be in Parieee!

There has been so much going on in my world, almost too much. What’s been keeping me sane are lacy things I’ve been making for myself and for others. It has been exciting to see versions of Mallori Lane’s pop up on IG as well as sent to me via email. Additionally, it has been extremely fulfilling to be making bespoke pieces for people who can’t sew, the one pictured above being my favorite to date. But I’m at a crossroad. My lingerie business, and by business I mean making patterns for home sewers and one-offs for non sewers, is morphing into something I never thought would take shape, and to be honest, it’s a little scary. Exciting, but scary because this untraveled territory for me. I’m flying by the seat of my pants, eeerrr, undies. I won’t share too much because who knows if anything more than this will take shape.

What’s also keeping me busy is prepping for my bra workshops. I can’t believe the first one is two weeks away. Slowly but surely, the sessions are filling up and I’ve been busy prepping Madalynne Studio and ordering supplies. There are still spots left, so if you’re interested, sign up now!

In other sewing news:
Debbie’s blue cotton top is a modern remix of a simple tank.

Kate was brave enough to show you her yoga pants.

Don’t forget to enter my personal giveaway – I’ll be gifting one lucky reading with my favorite sewing goodies.

I’m love overalls and the way they channel my inner child, but overalls with polka dots? I’m sold! Check out Heather’s dotted version of Pauline Alice’s Turia Dungarees. 


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    Debbie Iles

    Thanks so much for the link :-))) And good luck with where your business is taking you!

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    Thank you chick!

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