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Weekend: A Sewing Gift

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I’m pretty sure my former self would question my current self. “Who is this person and why does she prate such foolish absurdities?” That’s what I would say. Yup!

A colleague at work gave me a box full of vintage sewing notions. Odds and ends of all kinds – buttons, trims, zippers, etc. It was her grandmother’s and being a non sewer, she had no need for it. On a Monday morning, she handed it to me as she got out of her car. I felt like Raphie when he got his BB gun. Ecstatic. Luckily, I can’t shoot my eye out with my gift.

When did I turn into this person? Someone who gets giddy about fabric and trims. When someone mentions they’re going to NYC, sewer or not, I tell them to hit up Mood. Who cares about the restaurants and shows? Two words – garment district!

If my passion is at this level now, how much higher will it be in 5 years,? In 10 years? Oh geeze.



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    Joelle St-Laurent

    best present ever!

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    I felt like Raphie when he was got his BB gun. Ecstatic. Luckily, I can’t shoot my eye out with my gift. hahahha so adorable http://0rz.tw/slsJg

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    Paige @ LPD

    I recently got a similar box from a friends mother. I guess I can count my lucky stars that few people my age seem to sew anymore.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      But more and more youngster are starting, don’t you think?

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        Paige @ LPD

        It seems that way on the internet! Alas I don’t know a single person my age irl that sews.

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    I’ve been working my way through this gigantic box of bias tape that my great grandmother amassed. I inherited the box probably ten years ago and it’s still going strong. Probably another ten years before I need to buy bias tape again.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Lucky girl!

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    truly, there’s no hope. i dreamt last night i came to your new studio and you were dancing around on tiptoe because you decided to move in full time.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      True story!

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    Amanda Russell

    That is seriously cause for excitement right there!! The rest of the world may not understand but we sewistas do! ^_^

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