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Weekend: Sleepover at Madalynne Studios

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I had my first sleepover at Madalynne Studios last weekend. There were no pillow fights, popcorn or pink jammies. In fact, I slept in the clothes that I wore that day. Fashion faux pas? I’m guilty as charged.

My plans for last Friday were up in the air. Night photography? Painting my new place (I’m moving)? Sewing? Ordering sushi and calling it a night? I wasn’t sure, until I looked at my to-do list. “Holy crap,”Β  I thought. Last year, this amount of work would have sent me into a tailspin, but this year, things are different. I’m different. I’m more passionate about my crafts than ever, and I’m releasing my inner stripper and taking every opportunity that comes my way (opportunities that are right for Madalynne, at least). Maybe it’s because, and I don’t mean to sound pessimistic when I say this – more a statement of truth, but my hobbies are the only thing I can rely on. In life, material possessions, friends, parents, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives come and go. Even my father, the most important person in my life, will eventually die. Morbid? Maybe, butΒ sewing and photography will never leave me. It won’t betray me, it won’t turn its back on me and it won’t let me down. It’s always been there for me and it will always be there for me. When I’ve had a bad day, I’ve come home and sewn, and when I’ve had a good day, I’ve made a celebratory outfit. Sewing and photography – till death do us part.

So when that to-do list stared me in the face, I said, “Let’s do this.” And that’s what we did, pretty much all weekend.


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    Cirque Du Bebe

    I totally appreciate your sentiments here. I started sewing at a time in my life when there was a lot of instability going on. I was a new mum (and a young mum) in a relationship I wasn’t entirely happy in and I credit sewing and this amazing community with keeping me grounded and hopeful for the future during that time. When everything’s going down, sewing is the one constant! Its yours and even when things don’t work out, there’s always the possibility of the next great project!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Through honesty, we connect

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    juliana calado

    I like what you said about relying on practices you love that it’s only up to you to cultivate. I am in a strange moment right now, in my life. Though short and direct, this was really good to read. thanks.

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    I totally understand where you’re coming from. Sewing grounds me as well and brings me ‘into the moment’ whereas the rest of my life and work is all about deadlines, shoulds and shouldn’ts. Good luck with your studio. I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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    Love this – go for your dreams! Congratulations on starting a sewing studio,it sounds like an amazing light-filled place to take a bra workshop one day! I hadn’t checked blogs in a while, so was surprised to hear about a pattern testing debate, but you conveniently provided links to what the heck this was on your sidebar. Also your musings on fast sewing have really hit a chord, have I replaced buying fast fashion with fabric and patterns that are just taking up room, because other people look great in them, but they are not my style? I’m really trying to be more aware when it comes to that. Anyhow, you have really thoughtful and interesting content on your blog, and all i can say is “brava!”

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    Yup! I get that! πŸ™‚

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