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Weekend: Sneak Peek of My New Sewing Space

sewing studio

Did I tell you that I’m in the process of moving? I’m not very good at sharing personal hurdles and hiccups, mostly because I would never want you to think I’d take a short sabbatical from sewing or this place. Madalynne and sewing are my child. Does a mother ever take a day off?

Back to moving. I’m in the midst of decorating and to say that I’m having fun is an understatement. There are two closets in my new place, and after all my talk on refining wardrobes, I edited mine even more, fit all my clothes into one closet and made the other into a sewing space. That’s what I call making the most of 600 square feet! I wallpapered the back wall with, you guessed it, flamingos! Freaking flamingos. You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl. Then, I bought a reclaimed maple desk from a local vintage seller. The color is slightly off, but when everything is together, I think it will “go,” if you know what I mean. In front of all of this is an orange, polka dot carpet. I hung shelving this week – I’m becoming quite the handywoman – and hopefully, I’ll putΒ finishing touches on it this weekend. People, I’m a little obsessed.

Happy sewing this weekend. You know that will be the case in Chateau Madalynne II.


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    Mar Tha

    Love the flamingos! And yes, the desk totally works…I look forward to seeing more of your new space!!!

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    Victoria Beppler

    Loving that wallpaper! I’ve been trying to re-imagine my sewing space, and I think a wallpaper accent wall would be the perfect unexpected pop of fun! Moving is stressful, so don’t worry too much. Can’t wait to see it all put together.

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    This makes my sewing space look like a circle of hell…

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    ebony haight

    that wallpaper!!!

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    Katrina Blanchalle

    FLAMINGOS!!!!! Yes, I shouted. I mean, FLAMINGOS! Soooo cool.

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    I’m so jealous I can’t even deal with it! I love flamingos! I even have a flamingo-themed bathroom!

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    Megan Nielsen

    maddie this is completely perfect! what a fantastic use of space. I really love the inclusion of the wallpaper. So often for me my space is simply functional, for work, and i love that you’ve taken a different tack here and are creating something that is in itself inspiring and beautiful. Cant wait to see the finished product!

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    Ally Mariko

    LOVE the sewing space in the closet! Its nice that a place that once stored clothes can now make clothes πŸ™‚ If I was the closet I would be feeling very spiffy indeed

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    Simple Simon

    This is just divine…..wow!

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