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Weekend: Spring Fling


If you live in the U.S., specifically the northeast, I hope you’re enjoying spring. March 20 was the official first day, but instead of it being cool and breezy, it was snowy and cold. Ugh. For the rest of March and until last week, temperatures teetered back and forth. This past weekend was the first time it really felt like the season. Hello 70 degrees! I’ve left the windows open most days since and Sage and Basil have found a new chilling spot on the sill.

With warmer weather, I’ve naturally been wanting to get out more. You know what’s  great about sewing lingerie? You can knock out a few sets during the week and still have time to have a weekend. It’s not like an epic project where you hole yourself in your sewing studio for hours/days on end. I’ll be sharing some new bras next week, but until then, I’ll be enjoying the outdoors. You should too!

Some of my favorite sewing links this week:

Scruffy Badger makes a funky running skirt.

Renee wants to purchase a knitting machine. Anyone have recommendations on where she can buy?

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win 3 yards of lace and a bra kit!

Another seamstress makes a bra! Sophie took the plunge into lingerie and sewed a Watson.

Michelle wnet on a flexible underwire experiment.

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    this weather is so gorgeous I’ve been thinking about taking my sewing machine to my backyard so I don’t feel guilty of not being outdoors lol!

    man it took forever to finally start getting warm and sunny.

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