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Weekend: Video Edition


I bought my second wedding dress. Never mind the fact I don’t have a fiance or an aisle to walk down, I have two dresses. One one but two (I bought a wedding dress at an auction last year). I like to be prepared, for all occasions and possible situations. You never know when you’re going to have a Britney Spears moment and need to get married immediately.  If she was prepared like I am, she probably would have looked half decent during her Vegas nuptials. So, if the time ever arises when a Jason Alexander type fellow (one who is not going bald) swoops me off my feet, I will have two choices of attire. The only details that would need to be decided would be shoe selection. Kate Spade kitten heels, Frye boots, or Manolo’s? What would you do?

Jokes aside, I’m not crazy. The dress is from BHLDN and came up for sale at an auction recently. Seeing the size 0 label, my first thought was “Prop!” Can you imagine a photo shoot involving me-made lingerie, flower crowns, bare feet, a garden, glitter, balloons, and this dress? I can.

So please don’t Baker Act me. I was preparing for a future photo shoot and not a non existent wedding when I made this purchase (or was I?).


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    You’re doing videos now! Are you going to be doing fashion videos in addition to photo shoots? Also the dress is amazing, was it a good deal at the auction?

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      Maddie Flanigan

      less than $50

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    Jill W

    Love the video!!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      thank you…

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    puttin your new skillz to immediate use…me likey.

    that dress obviously needed to be purchased. one vote for frye boots.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I knew you would go for Frye boots. Can we negotiate? One Frye boot and one Kate Spade kitten heel.

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    Oooh fun video!! I don’t know, I sort of like to think of you all Miss Havisham like, swanning about in your wedding dresses. But fine, fine, I’ll accept that its just a prop!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Me, Miss Havisham? Now that’s a good character to liken me to.

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    Ally D

    That is such a cool video!!!!

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    A dress like that demands to be owned. It’s gorgeous! By the way, I was sold on the photo-shoot idea as soon as I read flower crowns. That would be one dreamy lookbook! It needs to happen.
    What a fun video!

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    Love the dress, so glad you bought it, I can’t wait to see your magical photo shoots! Your video is amazing, you learned some great skills!

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    You are adorable Maddie. I think Bob Dylan could write a song about you and I would play dress up with ya any time! And you never know what could happen… Me and my man were so swept up in love, we got engaged and married in two weeks. It was so hard on me not to have the time to find *the dress* that I ended up going to a vintage auction the next month and scoring a 1930s day dress with hand embroidered lace. And I made up an occasion to wear it out and about, just to swan.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Married in two weeks? What? Now that’s what I call love at first sight. You didn’t get to “say yes to the dress” but at least you got a 1930s day dress. Common, can a girl complain about vintage?

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    woow! do tell us more about these mysterious auctions! BHLDN has so many amazing dresses! I just want to buy them, dye them (always white could get boring..) and wear them everyday! then again, I’m not a princess… (I’d totally take a flower crown though!)

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I’m afraid someone would ask this question. The mysterious actions where I get these BHLDN dresses is through work. It’s one of the many perks of having a killer day job.

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    Bekuh Browning

    Your video looks awesome! What a fantastic start for your new found skills. Can’t wait to see what else you create.

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    love that you bought a wedding dress! I can totally see the photo shoot and I am ready for those pics to be on the blog!!!

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    It’s a seriously gorgeous dress. I heart it!

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    Carrie Elias

    Awesome video and awesome prop! (Two of my favorite things. Basically your blog rocks.)

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