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What i Heart: Peggy Sue Is Back!

Many of you have been on a Mad Men craze (Gertie, I’ve seen what you’ve made). All of your dresses have waists, men, and random onlookers but supposedly this modestly-vixen look is out and a more bobby-socks look is in. Peggy Sue is back kiddos. I’m a big newspaper reader. In the digital age, I still like the feel of ground up and compressed trees delivered to my door every morning. A recent piece I came across was from the Wall Street Journal. “With corseted waists and pinched-toed shoes, they recall wince-worthy girdles and straight-back chairs,” they wrote, talking about the fitted sheaths that have been popular over the past couple of years. But “the latest sock-hop fashions, which are just starting to come into stores, are forgiving enough to allow a wearer to sit cross-legged on the floor.” Other than during yoga, I don’t sit cross-legged on the floor very often but if the occasion were to arise, I’d be prepared. Jokes aside, this look is right up my alley and it’s not because my waist and hip measurement are the same, meaning the silhouette gives me a shape. There’s an undone simplicity to the look. Paired with an simple tee and flat-soled loafers, like here , it’s as if boyfriend jeans and a cashmere sweater went to have afternoon tea at The Ritz. It’s made-up, in a rich way, but still looks a little frugal. The article ended with a mentioning of how the trend has spread to lingerie as well. Well, well, well… I definitely already knew that!

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What i Heart Now: Red, White, And Blue

  July. Is it really a few short weeks away? No freaking way. Where does the time go when you’re sewing, pattern making, or researching the two? It was okay for me to wear outlandish red, white, and blue when I was eight, ten, okay maybe twelve-years-old but at the age of twenty-five, I better not be painting an American flag on my cheek for the holiday. I’m all about subdued references to the celebration of my country’s two hundred and thirty seventh birthday, especially the boyfriend jeans and red sunglasses. Wearing those two together with some red lipstick, I’ll be sure to knock some socks off. Happy Fourth Of July. Oh wait… hold that thought for two weeks. *click on any of the above images to purchase*

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What i Heart Now: Irons (the best irons for sewing)

  I take pride in pressing and I follow almost all of the rules. I press throughout the course of a project (instead of at the end) and I use the right temperature settings for the fabric (instead of burning the crap out of each seam). I also lift and press instead of glide the iron, which is the difference between pressing and iron (super important to know seamstresses!). But do I know a lot about irons and their features? I don’t, or didn’t, have a clue until I started researching for this post. Just like a microwave, the iron has a lot of hidden tools that can be beneficial to seamstresses (I use the example of a microwave because how many of you use the popcorn button for way more than popcorn?). Learning about the neat tricks of each, I’m about to make a mad dash to Target for an upgrade. Yes, I have a lousy (and sometimes lazy) iron – a Shark. Before getting into features, let’s talk money. A home iron in the $50-100 price range works just as well as a $250 ironing system. But stay away from anything under $40, especially if it’s labeled as lightweight. It’s cheap and will not have many of the essential features needed for sewing. Even Megan agrees with me on this one. She recommends the Black and Decker D2030 (pictured top left).  Searching for information for this post, I asked other sewing bloggers what irons they used. Marci, always one to have a clever response – even if she doesn’t know it, said that she uses a Black and Decker that she bought at an estate sale. Her iron is a reproduction of a vintage iron and has a nice weight to it – it’s heavy. Weight – it…

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What i Heart Now: Lilly Pulitzer

Because of yesterday’s post, I naturally went onto Lilly Pulitzer’s website to see if there was anything I would wear. I admire Lilly’s life but would I wear her dresses? Ummmm…. surprisingly, I considered it. I wouldn’t wear all Lilly because that would be well… too Lilly but I could pair a few of her pieces with my current wardrobe and not look like I am going to a PTA meeting. Those scalloped shorts paired with an oversized, boxy top – cute. And that striped dress worn with a leather jacket and a pair of motorcycle boots – super cute. I have a couple of my mom’s old Lilly dresses. To refashion or not to refashion? That’s the question that’s going through my mind. What about you? Is Lilly too Lilly for you? All products above from Lilly’s website.

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What i Heart Now: Granny Panties

I’ll keep this post short. Who says grannies are the only people who can wear high(er) waisted undies? (did I just use the p-word? In the case of granny panties, I think it’s okay to say and write).

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What i Heart (Or Admire): White (Or Grey) Hair

White and grey hair. It’s not something I want to do – I like my red hair – but it’s something I came to admire it through dun, dun, dun… sewing! My red taffeta dress was coming along nicely. I researched the fabric, bought the right supplies, and started sewing just as the textbooks and blogs told me to. My backstitches were perfect and my stitches were straight. Then I started pressing. Oh no! My seams would not lie flat! When I first pressed them open, they folded back and laid as flat as a pancake, but shortly after, they started to “close.” I pressed them one more time and the same thing happened. I stepped back, not daring to overwork the silk taffeta, and walked to my contemplating spot – my kitchen counter (contemplating spot? You know, that spot everyone has in their apartment or house where they ruminate – a bed, the living room, a toilet!). I flipped though a magazine and came across an article about women embracing their grey hair. Leave your hair its natural hue was the message. We all look the best as we are – unchanged – and we grow into what we’re supposed to be. “Just leave the seams as they are, let them be,” is what I thought, “the stitches need to marinate just like chicken.” And that’s what I did. I hung my work in progress on my dress form and went to bed. The next morning, I gave the seam allowances one more light pressing, and five minutes after, they were still flat. Yes! I don’t know if this trick works for you but this it does for me. I didn’t learn it from a textbook – I learned it by pressing too many seams. I press once, then…

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What i Heart Now: Mustard Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Springtime

My color palette has become more neutral over the years – I gravitate towards cream, grey, or any other pastel color more and more – but the weather this past weekend put me into a colorful mood, both in terms of my state of mind and my state of wardrobe. I spent Saturday without a coat or a jacket and it felt so good to give my arms a breath of fresh air. I went to bed that night without socks and it was so refreshing. It’s simple, and warm, pleasures like bare feet and sleeveless tops that make me stray from the norm in all areas of my life – food, movie choices, evening plans, and my wardrobe. I have an upcoming trip and as I plan my outfits for the four day vacation (yes, I plan what I will wear), mustard yellow and cobalt blue is a combination I’m looking for. 1. Printmaker Blouse 2. Flowerbed Clutch 3. Super 120 Pencil Skirt 4. Flax Pumps

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