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Category Archives: What I Heart Now

What i Heart Now: Granny Panties

posted on 04/18/2013, by

I’ll keep this post short. Who says grannies are the only people who can wear high(er) waisted undies? (did I just use the p-word? In the case of granny panties, I think it’s okay to say and write).

What i Heart (Or Admire): White (Or Grey) Hair

posted on 04/4/2013, by

White and grey hair. It’s not something I want to do – I like my red hair – but it’s something I came to admire it through dun, dun, dun… sewing! My red taffeta dress was coming along nicely. I researched the fabric, bought the right supplies, and started sewing just as the textbooks and  Continue Reading »

What i Heart Now: Mustard Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Springtime

posted on 03/14/2013, by

My color palette has become more neutral over the years – I gravitate towards cream, grey, or any other pastel color more and more – but the weather this past weekend put me into a colorful mood, both in terms of my state of mind and my state of wardrobe. I spent Saturday without a  Continue Reading »

What i Heart Now: Bodysuits

posted on 02/25/2013, by

Amy beat me to the punch when she posted about bodysuits in her series Lingerie Friday’s but it just meant that great minds think alike. Or maybe it meant that great minds think a lot about lingerie. Considering the fact that my eight month anniversary sewing lingerie is coming up, it’s an obvious progression that  Continue Reading »

      I'm representing the sewing community on COCA COLA'S blog, revealing who we are, what we do and how much fun we have. Be sure to check out and share the article!


      JEN just released my favorite Grainline pattern to date, The Alder Shirtdress, which is available in both print and PDF. And that's not it! She also relaunched her online shop. Way to go, Jen!


      Last weekend, SARAI AND KRISTEN ran a half marathon wearing me-made. Using patterns from Fehr Trade, they sewed their tops with the coolest print - cats!


      TASIA is inspiring lingerie makers around the world with a baby blue and brown set she just made.


      Join Marce and Gillian for OONAPALOOZA, a month-long tribute to the powerhouse of print and color, Oona Balloona from Kalkatroona. Challenge yourself to create something as loud, bubbly and one of a kind as her personality.


      Need tips for working with border prints? CAROLYN gives a great list of links and resources to help you.


      In most instances, a sequel is not as good as the first. But when it comes to sewing, it's the opposite. CLARE is showing off her second version of McCalls 6696, which is way better than the first.


      The newest indie pattern release is from PAULINE ALICE. Last week, she launched Alameda Dress, a simple, modern yet flirty dress with interesting seaming. And that's not all she announced! She is also opening an online shop!


      Even if you're not following LAUREN'S outfit-a-long, you can pick up a few sewing tips and tricks with each post. I am!


      SUNNI gives a sneak peek of the innards of her soon-to-be jacket. #Sewingporn.