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What i Heart Now: Lilly Pulitzer

Because of yesterday’s post, I naturally went onto Lilly Pulitzer’s website to see if there was anything I would wear. I admire Lilly’s life but would I wear her dresses? Ummmm…. surprisingly, I considered it. I wouldn’t wear all Lilly because that would be well… too Lilly but I could pair a few of her pieces with my current wardrobe and not look like I am going to a PTA meeting. Those scalloped shorts paired with an oversized, boxy top – cute. And that striped dress worn with a leather jacket and a pair of motorcycle boots – super cute. I have a couple of my mom’s old Lilly dresses. To refashion or not to refashion? That’s the question that’s going through my mind. What about you? Is Lilly too Lilly for you? All products above from Lilly’s website.

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What i Heart (Or Admire): White (Or Grey) Hair

White and grey hair. It’s not something I want to do – I like my red hair – but it’s something I came to admire it through dun, dun, dun… sewing! My red taffeta dress was coming along nicely. I researched the fabric, bought the right supplies, and started sewing just as the textbooks and blogs told me to. My backstitches were perfect and my stitches were straight. Then I started pressing. Oh no! My seams would not lie flat! When I first pressed them open, they folded back and laid as flat as a pancake, but shortly after, they started to “close.” I pressed them one more time and the same thing happened. I stepped back, not daring to overwork the silk taffeta, and walked to my contemplating spot – my kitchen counter (contemplating spot? You know, that spot everyone has in their apartment or house where they ruminate – a bed, the living room, a toilet!). I flipped though a magazine and came across an article about women embracing their grey hair. Leave your hair its natural hue was the message. We all look the best as we are – unchanged – and we grow into what we’re supposed to be. “Just leave the seams as they are, let them be,” is what I thought, “the stitches need to marinate just like chicken.” And that’s what I did. I hung my work in progress on my dress form and went to bed. The next morning, I gave the seam allowances one more light pressing, and five minutes after, they were still flat. Yes! I don’t know if this trick works for you but this it does for me. I didn’t learn it from a textbook – I learned it by pressing too many seams. I press once, then…

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