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What I Heart Now: Flower Crowns

Hanging on the walls of my apartment are a wedding dress, a fur coat, a beaded crop top, a beaded tunic, a pair of wingtip shoes, and several hats (click here and here to see). I don’t foresee myself ever wearing these clothes and accessories but I think they are beautifully crafted and in great condition. As much thought, preparation, and labor was put into their making so why can’t they be displayed the same as a painting? Why should they hide in my closet and smushed in between my daily wear?

I regard flower crowns the same as the clothes and accessories that hang on my walls – as art pieces. I like flowers crowns but to be honest, I don’t like them enough to wear one in my daily routine. Unless the flowers were very small, I would just feel silly. A little too 60s and a tad too hippy, I just don’t think I could wear it a full day. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be inspiration and it doesn’t mean that they can’t be a weekend DIY project. Also, that doesn’t mean it can’t be the subject of a How I Wore It Post (let’s see if I CAN make it work, eh?)


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    I think there’s something so ethereal, yet graceful about flower crowns, I agree with you, probably not an accessory I’d reach for every morning but they are definitely beautiful. I’d feel like a delicate flower myself wearing one.

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    Bekuh Browning

    All lovely crowns. I made one awhile back and have yet to wear it, for many of the same reasons you just shared. It sits on top of a lampshade looking pretty. I’d love to see how you would style a floral crown!

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      I’m going to see if I can make it work.

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    Kathy M

    I just love the double row of flowers and vines…..so delicate and feminine.. yet it makes a statement..

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    They are all so lovely – but I agree, they are a bit too “editorial” to wear everyday (for me) but oh so romantic and lovely in pictures!

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    so exited. You are right, they are really hippie! 🙂


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    Erin Currie

    I wore handmade flower crowns all year my freshman year of high school. It was my hippie year. (The next year was my punk year and the year after that my raver year.) I agree that they are rather costume-esque, but I’m never one to do things subtly. And I believe every day is another chance to play dress-up.

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      You’re the first person I’ve heard to wear one during the day. Good for you! I don’t have the guts.

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    I loooooove flower crowns, even though I’m a total tomboy. I wore one to my senior prom (I was a complete hippie in those days). They’re not very practical, though– I used to make them out of real flowers, and they would look bedraggled and awful an hour later. 🙂

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    I love flower crowns so much! I probably wouldn’t wear it for an everyday event, but they are lovely for a wedding ceremony. I love floral crowns and clothes as wall art too!

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    Meg the Grand

    I would love to see how you would wear a flower crown! I definitely admit to having one that I got from a Ren Faire eons ago, but I adore it – cleaning the house is much more fun if I pretend I am Snow White.

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      ha! cleaning dress as Snow White? Do you have birds chirping around you too?

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    Christina Crooks

    i couldn’t have said it better myself. as much as i LOVE floral crowns, i don’t think i could incorporate them into my daily style. but i will have one for my wedding. that first one it so delicate and simple. i really like that mustard flower too.

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    First, thank you so much for your kind email. It was not expected, but very much appreciated. Thank you. Secondly, these flower crowns are ethereal looking. They always are. I enjoy the ones that look more fragile, more dainty. They are more feminine, in a way. However, like you, I don’t think I could wear them daily. Maybe for my wedding, for a photo shoot. In that case, I’d go with the pretty, delicate number four.

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      Agreed. For a wedding or for a photoshoot. This is okay. Actually, it’s a great accessory for such occasions.

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    Hannah Margaret Allen

    OH MAN ME TOO. I want to wear one to my wedding…

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    LOVE this post. Flower crowns are so detailed and intricate. Delicate like a lady should be 🙂

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    I love flower crowns too! Just fitting for Halloween (or not Halloween.)

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    hannah @ The Braided Bandit

    These crowns are gorgeous! I have been meaning to make a fall-hued one with some nice oversized flowers but time has been a bit short lately! I love that you too hang things on your wall- I have vintage dresses hung as art and love them!
    Hope all is well!
    xo Hannah

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    carrie elias

    I would love to see one on you……I think they are adorable!

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    carrie elias

    Oh, and my sister just wore one with her wedding dress…….it looked perfect <3

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    Jamie Rose

    I definitely feel the same way about floral crowns. I think they’re so so pretty, but I don’t think I could wear one in real life. Sometimes I think it’d be fun to wear one, but then I’m sure I’d feel silly. They’d look so pretty hung up on a wall though!

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    I totally agree with your thoughts. I’d like to think I’m cool enough to wear one, but I’m just not, lol!

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    I am absolutely in love with flower crowns. My bridesmaid and I actually made some to wear at my wedding!

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    Marisa Noelle

    I’ve been really obsessed with floral crowns right now too – probably because I am up to my ears in making them for my sister’s wedding 🙂 These are all really beautiful. I especially love that doubled one – definitely gives me some great inspiration.

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