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What I Heart Now: Hoodies

Not because of the chilly temperatures but because of their history. That’s why I am liking hoodies lately.

I recently read an article about the history of the three piece garb students when they do something I never did – graduate. The cap, the gown, and the hood – those are the three parts graduands wear when they supposedly become ‘learned.’ This costume never provoke a thought that was more than a simple sentence – such a piece of clothing could not warrant a compound sentence. “That polyester piece of junk…” was as far as it got. But the article I read offered up good bits of information about hoodies, enough to make me interested.

The hood as well as the cap and gown has its origins in the medieval times, when it was the de rigueur choice for daily attire. Most people wore a tunic, which was considered an undergarment, and a heavy and long cloak over this and either the tunic or the cloak had a hood attached. Also, during this time, which was approximately 1200s, universities were just beginning and the students who traveled great distances to sit at the feet of a sagistic teacher were expected to dress in a sober and refined way – cap, gown, and hood. Lastly, in 1222, the Archbishop of Cantebury ordered this dress – the cap, gown, and hood – to be worn by all clerics in England in order to bring them in line with the rest of Catholic Europe. Briefly put, the cap, gown, and hood was hot shit.

The hood’s history isn’t super interesting – I’ll admit that – but knowing the history behind something makes me, and I hope you, think twice about it. It’s like once you discover what a cover stitch is and the machine that sews it, you notice that cover stitches are every where (they’re hot shit too).


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    Very interesting. ThatΒ΄s gets me thinking about the “chilaba” in Morocco. Both men and women wear it over their clothes all the time (I suspect over thei pijamas too, but thatΒ΄s another story) and there are two features in that piece of garmant that are mandatory: two slits in the front for the hands (not pockets, just decorated slits) and a big hood.

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    Natasha Estrada

    I’m not a big fan of hoodies but I love my coverstitch. It’s like geeky machine magic.

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    I love hoodies. Nobody really wears knit hats here because it just doesn’t get that cold, but hoodies are a nice little thing to have just in case.

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    The cover stitch is hot shit indeed. I had never given any thought to the history of hoodies but it’s quite interesting to know where something came from.

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    I love learning the history of clothing! One of my favorite classes in Fashion Design School. Yay for hoods!

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    Daughter Fish

    As you know, I love hoods, too:) Do you have a link to that article you were reading? It’d be fun to take a look!

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