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Because of yesterday’s post, I naturally went onto Lilly Pulitzer’s website to see if there was anything I would wear. I admire Lilly’s life but would I wear her dresses? Ummmm…. surprisingly, I considered it. I wouldn’t wear all Lilly because that would be well… too Lilly but I could pair a few of her pieces with my current wardrobe and not look like I am going to a PTA meeting. Those scalloped shorts paired with an oversized, boxy top – cute. And that striped dress worn with a leather jacket and a pair of motorcycle boots – super cute.

I have a couple of my mom’s old Lilly dresses. To refashion or not to refashion? That’s the question that’s going through my mind.

What about you? Is Lilly too Lilly for you?

All products above from Lilly’s website.
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