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What i Heart Now: Lilly Pulitzer


Because of yesterday’s post, I naturally went onto Lilly Pulitzer’s website to see if there was anything I would wear. I admire Lilly’s life but would I wear her dresses? Ummmm…. surprisingly, I considered it. I wouldn’t wear all Lilly because that would be well… too Lilly but I could pair a few of her pieces with my current wardrobe and not look like I am going to a PTA meeting. Those scalloped shorts paired with an oversized, boxy top – cute. And that striped dress worn with a leather jacket and a pair of motorcycle boots – super cute.

I have a couple of my mom’s old Lilly dresses. To refashion or not to refashion? That’s the question that’s going through my mind.

What about you? Is Lilly too Lilly for you?

All products above from Lilly’s website.


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    Carmen Hui

    Oh I would happily wear every one of these items. They suit my style to the T.Now, just need to the see if they will deliver to theAustralia.

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    Carlee McTavish

    I had never heard of Lilly before now, but I think quite a bit of her stuff is quite cute. I’m not crazy for tons of pink, but I have to say that short suit would be great for teaching in a hot school with no air conditioning (the norm).

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    I made a dress last summer that a friend commented that it looked like something from Lilly Pulitzer. I hadn’t heard of her before then but I looked her up and saw some of her stuff and noticed the common denominators of bold prints and bright colors. So I guess I would wear some of her things, since I made something specifically to my own taste that is similar!

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    i devoured your lily post yesterday at work. i think your mom would love to see you refashion her garments. you could always start with just one.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      This is exactly the response I was looking for. I spent a big chunk of my time last week putting that post together, from researching about Lilly to creating the graphic. I’ve gotten away from creating cool graphics for my posts – I went for a cleaner look – but I am going back to it. That’s what I used to do and that’s what I think my readers liked about my blog. My posts were different… unique.

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    Sky Turtle

    Cute selection. And I like your idea of how to style them 🙂

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    And now I love it too. Especially those scalloped shorts and the matching floral shorts and blazer. It’s not something I think I could pull off, but I ADORE the look!

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    I do love Lilly, but because I live in NYC, I tend to only buy her more muted attire such as her adorable all white or blue dresses.

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    I loved your post on Lilly Pulitzer. I had a vintage dress with that label but never knew about the brand. Wow, it really does have a prim aesthetic! Didn’t you make a brocade jacket and shorts set/pattern? That was a cool urban take on this kind of style.

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    Carlee McTavish

    Alright, so I know I already posted on here but I feel the need to share: I mentioned below that I have never heard of Lilly until this post–100% true. So in honour of Me-Made-May (I’m not participating, I only have four me-mades, but I thought I should at least wear one today), I wore my Princess Peach skirt that I haven’t worn since like November or something like that. I walk into my classroom and the other teacher says, “I love your skirt, is it a Lilly?” !!! So weird! Just thought you should know. The world has been full of little coincidences lately.

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