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What i Heart Now: Mustard Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Springtime


My color palette has become more neutral over the years – I gravitate towards cream, grey, or any other pastel color more and more – but the weather this past weekend put me into a colorful mood, both in terms of my state of mind and my state of wardrobe. I spent Saturday without a coat or a jacket and it felt so good to give my arms a breath of fresh air. I went to bed that night without socks and it was so refreshing. It’s simple, and warm, pleasures like bare feet and sleeveless tops that make me stray from the norm in all areas of my life – food, movie choices, evening plans, and my wardrobe. I have an upcoming trip and as I plan my outfits for the four day vacation (yes, I plan what I will wear), mustard yellow and cobalt blue is a combination I’m looking for.

1. Printmaker Blouse 2. Flowerbed Clutch 3. Super 120 Pencil Skirt 4. Flax Pumps


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    Such a cute blouse! Great color combo!

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    Milynn L

    I love that blouse!

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    Love the color combinations above. I’m a navy kinda of gal but maybe I’ll venture beyond the blue this summer 🙂

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    What fun spring colors!

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