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What I Heart Now: Scrapbooking

Lately, I have been the queen of organization. I have been so good that a week before I started my new job and two weeks before I went on vacation, I set up my blog to run by itself for two whole weeks (yes, blogging is not as organic and spontaneous as you think). My superb organizational skills gave me lots of free time, more than I expected and more than I knew what to do with. Two Saturday’s ago, I actually stood in my teeny tiny kitchen, with my index finger on my top lip and my head cocked slightly to the right, and thought, “What should I do?” That kind of statement is unheard of for me. Right after this thought, I eyed my bookcase, which is across the room, and narrowed my view to my sketchbooks I made while I was in college.

During college, I used to spend hours cutting out random images from magazines and photographs and creating inspirational garments that would eventually turn into future projects (click here to see). Along with magazine clippings, I also mixed medias – using glitter, watercolors, pastels, pens, and pencils to create cool designs. I missed that. Those little spurts scrapbooking gave me the perfect break from my sewing and pattern making projects and inspire me to keep moving and not get burnt out.

So lately, my breaks while I have been working on this project have been lots and lots of quick and cool bits scrapbooking. Its refreshing, it’s inspiring, and It’s way better than checking Facebook.

{my recent scrapbooking – magazine clippings, pastel, charcoal, and tracing paper}

1. Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 2. Rembrandt Soft Pastels 3. Sakura Quickie Glue Roller Pen so that you can do this 4. Martha  Stewart Crafts Glitter Multi-Pack


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    Jackie Saffert

    I love this!  In college I went to Madrid to do research for school and I kept a sketchbook with me at all times.  I got lots of curious stares as I sat drawing sketches of parks or sections of streets.  I would love to get back in to the habit of doing that!  And if I do, perhaps I’ll use mixed media like you instead of just pens and pencils.


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      Madrid for college? I’m jealous!

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    I should get as organized as you did because having that extra time sounds amazing. I remember I had some of that time last year and decided to create my first book from scratch so I taught myself how to bind it. This is how I made my current sketchbook. Now all I need is more time to draw in it. 🙂
    Those are lovely sketches. 

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      You bound your sketchbook! Impressive!

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        I was a bit scared at first but it turns out it’s much easier than it sounds. I’ve been hoping to make myself another one as soon as I get some extra free time. It’s really fun 🙂

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    I don’t do this much now, but I have several old sketchbooks that have a ton of collages and drawings, specifically of my fashion interests at the time. It’s funny how some of them still interest me!

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      I love looking back at what I’ve made or created. It’s nostalgic, isn’t it?

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    Janice Garingo

    What a great hobby! I always keep a sketchpad around for doodling sewing-related ideas.

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      so do I and I feel lost and naked without my notebook!

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    I almost bought those martha stewart glitters last time I was at the craft store ^_^

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